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Asian Home Décor

Asian home décor is simple and yet an interesting way of decorating your home. The use of a lot of elements and objects is not the main concern, in fact lesser the elements the better. Serenity and harmony should be oozing out of your home. Each room will fill you with a positive energy and leave a soothing and relaxed effect on you. The furnishings and the wall paints should have the plush warm tones of nature.

asian-home-decor Asian home decor

An essential of the Asian approach of decoration is dazzling fabrics in vivacious textures and colors. Try not to overdo, keep it simple with an element of Feng Shui in the whole house. Asian home décor provides you with a feel of tranquility and calm like that of a hill station. The peaceful look and colors are meant to relax you with a soothing effect on your mood.

asian-theme Asian-themed design

The Asian style of decoration works equally well in a living room, dining room or even a bath, as in a bedroom.

east-asia-theme Chinese inspired home decor

Following are 10 different ways in which you can incorporate the Asian theme into your home décor:

  1. 1.) A meditation area in your living room would be a perfect way to fill your home with the aura of Asian ethnicity. Allot a section of your living room for this use, place big pillows rather than chairs, and also decorate the space with a trickling artificial fountain. The relaxing sound of nature will offer an ideal feel for meditation. Set a calming mood with a soothing music.
  2. 2.) Use of natural stuff is very peculiar in an Asian style décor. Bamboos, manicured plants or mini bonsai are simply great to add accent and decorate your home in a natural way. Try using them as room partitions or as a hub. Also decorate your room with some Asian themed indoor flowers and plants.
  3. 3.) Some skillfully decorated panels are used in many ways in the Asian Culture. Different segments of a room can be divided using a Shoji Screen. It comes in all kinds of forms. You could also use them in your bathroom to conceal your laundry in style.
  4. 4.) You have a number of choices in lighting up your Asian themed rooms. Lamps are available in different colors, shapes and sizes to complement your room perfectly.  Paper lanterns are beautiful and come in striking colors to match with the other elements of décor in the room.
  5. 5.) Unfortunately, most people fail to beautify the hallway or the entry of a house that they have meticulously decorated in the Asian theme. The transition comes as a shock, ruining the overall look. Use Asian motif or Asian glass vases, maybe porcelain to decorate the hallway. You could also place indoor plants in huge decorative pots.
  6. 6.) Asian home décor is simply incomplete without fabulous flooring. You could use oriental rugs which are suitable according to the theme. Even bamboo mats go well.  Also Asian interior designers suggest that it is a great idea to use a number of smaller oriental or Persian rugs instead of using a single large one.
  7. 7.) You could start purchasing by selecting some Oriental printed fabrics, for your Asian home décor. Asian themed fabric can be bought from some discount department stores where it is available. Or you can easily purchase them from your local fabric store. Remember to not over use the number of colors on the fabric (2 or 3 colors will do). These are brightly colored fabrics and therefore it could be disastrous to have a variety of bright colors in one room.
  8. 8.) Use these fabrics to make curtains, pillows, wall hanging and even cushion covers. Before you head out to buy your fabric, it is very important to know what you are going to create with it. Make sure you know how much fabric will be needed for what. It is advisable to take help from a seamstress to know how much fabric will be required in the whole decoration.
  9. 9.) Shelves are also a key concern of an Asian themed room. You can purchase your shelves from a hardware store or you could even build your own and paint them to suit your room. Display your trinkets like paper fans, geisha dolls or maybe glass Buddha figurines on your shelves. These collectibles look marvelous when displayed on a spread out shelf.
  10. 10.) After displaying your little trinkets on spread out shelves, you can find some paintings for your walls. If you have an Asian store in your area, it is advisable to go visit it once. Look around and you are sure to find many great ideas.  Find a large artwork that you adore. Now this will become the central attraction of your room. You could also consider looking for smaller artwork to decorate your Asian themed home.
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