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Everyone wants their house to be perfect and the best way to get that dream home up to those high standards is to plan carefully before you do anything. That planning can involve a number of things such as research online, looking at design magazines, talking with other home owners and reading informative and helpful articles such as this one! If you are trying to turn your home into something modern and contemporary and need some advice here are some modern house design tips for you to think about.

How To Design A Modern House

best modern home design Our favorite modern house – with infinity pool

  • When creating a modern home you need to think about function first. This type of home is about creating a simple space that you can use.
  • Since function is the most important thing try to find ways where you can use items that have both function and style at once.
  • A lot of modern designs have open plan layouts so that the house feels more spacious but make sure you do not react to that space by overfilling it with furniture or knickknacks.
  • Windows should not be an afterthought, natural light in the house makes a big difference and different rooms need different types of windows.
  • Make sure the house reflects you and is not just lifted from a design magazine. When you return after a long day you want to feel like you are home and you want people visiting to feel like it is a home too.
  • Modern houses often take advantage of the latest in technology advances that make life a little easier but do not over clutter with gadgets.
  • Consider having a mix of textures in each room to add interest.
  • All furniture should have sleek and clean lines with angular shapes rather than curved or soft corners.
  • Window treatments should be contemporary in design and style, blinds are a good option. Avoid traditional looking fabric curtains.
  • Where electrical lighting is needed keep the fixtures modern, chrome for example is a good option. Include accent lighting where appropriate.
  • Fixtures such as faucets in the kitchen and bathroom should also look sleek and modern again in metals such as silver, chrome or brushed nickel. Choose ones with angular lines as opposed to curved.


The kitchen is an extremely important room of the house, for many families it can become one of the main rooms everyone uses and gathers in. Therefore take time to ensure you get the layout that will work for you. Popular choices for a modern kitchen include chrome or stainless steel appliances. Avoid having cluttered counter tops.

Modern kitchen design with island – check it out.

modern home kitchen Modern kitchen design for a modern home

Living Room

Make the living room as open as possible and try to have a lot of natural light coming in with large windows. If you use the television a lot, know where you want to place your television in the living room and work around that when you design and place furniture.

ultra modern house idea Ultra modern living room with an excellent view

Dining Room

You need to decide whether you need a dining room and a casual place to eat in the kitchen, or one or the other. If you are the type to have formal dinners but you want somewhere more casual to eat your breakfast than both is a good idea. If you rarely have anyone over to eat or there are only a couple of you, a breakfast bar may be all you need, or a small table in the kitchen.

modern dining room idea Chic dining room design


Make sure you think about storage, particularly in the laundry room, hobby room, playroom, bedrooms and kitchen.

Keep things simple and less fussy. A modern home is all about being more minimalistic and avoid cluttering rooms with too much furniture and accessories.

contemporary house design Contemporary modern – neat & tidy


Try to ensure everything is easy to clean. Choose your paint carefully for example if you have children at an age where crayon marks on the wall may need to be dealt with!

Colors of the walls and furniture tend to be in muted cool shades or neutral tones like black, beige, white or grey. However pops of color are appropriate in the accessories you use, the art work and so on.

idea for modern house Painting idea


Wooden flooring is most popular, with some form of natural stone tiling in the bathrooms. You can soften or warm rooms up with the right kind of rug or floor mat.

modern house design plan A modern house exterior design

With these tips in mind you can create a modern home you and your family can relax in and feel proud to invite friends and guests to. A last pointer is that often contemporary and modern style gets used as if they are the same thing, but there is a difference. While you can have contemporary aspects in a modern house, or vice versa and they are very similar in many ways the key difference is that a contemporary house does not have to be minimalist, your modern home should be. In every room make sure you keep that old saying less is more in your head as you design!

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