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One of the easiest ways to give your home a lift, redecorate a room and all for an affordable price is to do some interior house painting yourself. Getting involved in the process of transforming your home is a great opportunity to put your creative mark on it and all you need is some paint tools and the paint. Your home should be a place you can relax in, get inspired in, play in and laugh in. You should have each room a color and design that creates the right atmosphere and reflects your own personal style.

People underestimate the impact painted walls can have on a room, and how much of a rejuvenation repainting can give. So take some time to read the rest of this article on ideas for interior house painting and plan out what you want to achieve. There are several ways you can approach this DIY project. Get down all of your ideas on paper so you can start to narrow down your focus. Think about colors, whether you want to create contrast, patterns, what shades you want, what impact you want to create. It is best to plan than to improvise, as fun as spontaneity is, it could be a disaster on the walls!

painting-ideas Painting idea for the bedroom

By making a plan of what needs to be done and in the right order you can ensure the final result is something you can be proud of and live with. Texture is another thing to think about, it is now possible to get texture in paint as well as looking at whether you are blending colors to get the right theme for the room. There are a large variety of effects you can create using paint, your home does not need to be just one color throughout or even one color in each room.

6 Popular Home Interior Painting Ideas

Here are some tips on colors to help you decide which would suit the room better.

Warm wall colors

In rooms you want to create a feeling of warmth like a kitchen, family room or sun room, warm colors make a very good choice. This includes colors like red, orange or yellows. You can choose to have one of these colors in the room or a mix of them.

warm-wall-color Warm colors

Cool wall colors

In rooms you want to create a peaceful feeling go with cool colors like greens, blues and purples. Bathrooms are a good example of this type of room and bedrooms where you want to have a place to be calm and unwind in. Studies and libraries are often done in brown or green colors and dining rooms fresh bold colors work well.

cool-wall-color Cool color combination

Using shades to make a space feel smaller or larger

If you have a large room that you want to make feel cozier and less spacious use bold dark colors on the walls. Make sure any decorative pieces you have in the room along with the furniture and furnishings complement the wall color. However if you have a smaller room and want to create a feeling of more space keep the walls a lighter color in pale light shades of paint. They lighten up the room and make it feel bigger than it really is.

painting-ideas-shade Light shade of wall paint

Natural colors

Natural paint colors include greens and browns – the colors you see outside the window in trees and leaves and so on. These usually go well with other brighter colors and by combining them you can create a very dramatic effect. Just do not go too crazy!

green-wall The color green for dramatic effect

Neutral paint colors

These colors include some shades of orange, beige and grey. These are good in bathrooms and spare bedrooms as they are less personal and have a soothing effect on people in the room. You can also mix other colors with neutral colors if you want to create something different.

neutral-color Neutral colors

Using paint to accent your furniture

You can opt for colors that accent the furniture that will be in the room rather than making the wall color itself something of a feature. Look at what will be in the room, paintings, tables, bed, couch, furnishings, clock, chairs and so on. Co-ordinate with them so that it feels harmonious rather than causing clashes of color that hurt the eyes. For example if you have a deep blue covered bed a lighter shade of blue on the walls would work well.

light-blue-wall Light blue wall color


Interior wall painting is a great chance to re-decorate. You can opt for the safer neutral and natural colors that can work well with other shades of color, or be brave and create new combinations of color that work for you!

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