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February is almost the break of the most loved season, the spring, and with it brings the celebrated day for lovers. Valentine’s Day is all that will be to talk about this month. So, why not express the love and compassion that you have been nurturing with a different approach. May be not with 100 red roses but with a loving room décor.

Decorating For Valentine’s Day

You need not run from pillar to post to get the right idea. First focus on the main theme of the design that you are expecting. Imagine a place that is romantic and excites the lover in you. When we think of love the first object in mind are beautiful red roses. Therefore, to start with have a beautiful bunch of red roses placed in a lovely vase displayed on the table of your living room. This is a strong message of what you mean and what is in your mind.

valentine-decoration Valentine’s day decoration

You have set the foundation, now let us further make a deeper impression by adding in few more accessories that is associated with the expression of love. What about moon and stars? You have always promised the moon and stars to your love and now it is time to beautifully get them to your room in the form of some cute and lovely decorative. Have a wind chime with stars and moon figures installed at the right place. And of course, we cannot forget some heart shaped accessories because love is heart and heart is for love.

living-room-valentine Love color for the living room

Do not limit to heart and stars, give yourself wild ideas and bring out the creativity in you. Start looking for other trinkets that symbolizes love. While you do so, think about colors that are associated with compassion and romance. Set the color tone around the room. Whether you paint the room or make few changes with the furnishing to prepare your room for the day, it is up to you. Textiles and fabrics of satin with rose petal prints or colors can always be associated with love.

valentine-day-decor-dining Dining table decoration for Valentine’s day

What about Pink? Pink is another color apart from red that is always rooted with expression of tenderness, warmth and compassion. No other color can bring in the warmth that pink can bring in on a day that is associated with love. Valentine’s day symbolizes a day filled with the true meaning of love and finding a way to bring forth the feelings that you have in you can be through colors of the right choice so do not hesitate and give the impression that you have the deepest feeling with pink.

Valentine Theme for Bedrooms

Just don’t get naughty with the words Valentine and Bedroom. A bed decorated on a valentine theme is a nice way to express your love. No matter wherever you go out for the celebration of the day ultimately you are coming back for a nice cuddle in your bed. So why not make your bed nice, cozy, warm and inviting with a tinge of romance in it.

  • Canopy Bed and Rose Petals: Now, seriously concentrate on the design and stop thinking what you are thinking. You need not go ahead and buy a canopy bed for the occasion. Simply create an illusion of a canopy bed by making some small modifications in your bedroom design. This kind of bed are always exotic looking and different from rest of the bed designs. It gives an aura of romance with its flowy design and drapes. For the canopy bed design all you need is four hooks and 4 rings of any kind but elegant. Drill the ceiling around the four corners of the bed and insert the hook along with the ring. Now, hang white color thin curtains in the ring that runs along down till it lavishly touches the floor. Your canopy bed is done. Next, the toppings of the eye treatment comes with rose petals arranged in the shape of a heart right in the middle of the white colored bed spread. Finally place a beautiful red rose in the central part of the heart.
  • Imagine a chocolate box filled with the most delicious chocolates: You can have this design with your bedding too. It involves a chocolate color and shades of red earth tone. You may have a solid red bed sheet and chocolate brown quilt cover or the comforter in your bed. The red bed sheet will provide a representation of a beautiful cherry that you occasionally discover inside a chocolate.

bedroom-valentine-decoration Valentine’s day bedroom decoration

For the final stage of decorating your bed for the Valentine’s Day throw in some pillows with shades of red and white and of different size. Like in the earlier design where you placed a design of a heart made of rose petals you can place an elegant silver or gold plated plate filled with assorted chocolates and strawberries. Add in some rose petals for added attraction.

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