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Having your own home theater is for some the ultimate dream, you get the theater effect at home but do not have to deal with the crowds, people talking over the movie, or the ticket prices! You can get great sound and video at home that are just as good as if you were at the cinema. Here is some advice on creating your own home theater room.

Having your own home theater is not just about the screen, you need to think about the acoustics of the room too. Ideally you should create a room with a home theater purpose in mind so that you have thought about things like video disruption, echoing, clarity and environmental noise before you install the system. You also need to think about seating and other furniture, orientation of the screen and speaker placement. Designing the room with all of these factors planned for will give you the ultimate home theater room experience.

How To Design The Best Home Theater Room

Choosing the right room

As mentioned the room you choose for your hone theater is essential in the design process. You need to think about where wall sockets are, how much space there is, where the doors and windows are placed, whether the lighting is adequate, as well as the important acoustics. If you are using a professional to install your own home theater talk with them about these factors as they can give you some technical advice. Basement home theater is one of the most popular option for a home theater room because of its seclusiveness. Turning the volume high up will not disturb others in the house.

ultimate-home-cinema Ultimate home cinema design

Visual display

The positioning of the screen needs to be well planned, so that you and your guests do not end up with strained necks. Know where the seating is going to be so that you can plan where the visual display will be. Make sure you have sound directed to the ears of the seated and that outside environment noise does not have a significant impact on the quality. This means having speakers positioned to each side of the seating is a good idea.

P0035061_Image01.tif Best home theater room design

Lighting in the room

Lighting plays an important role in every room in your house, and the home theater room is no different. You do not want anything that detracts attention from the visual display or lowers the quality of what you can see. Choose lighting that creates the right ambiance, think about the kind of lighting found in movie theaters. Make sure the lighting on the walls is not reflected by the paint and that there is not a glare effect created.

adjustable-lighting-home-cinema Adjustable lighting for the home cinema

How to arrange your seating

Working out the seating is more complex than you might first think. Even with the most modern rooms and latest equipment if the seating is off it will ruin the whole effect. All the potential viewers need to be thought about and kept happy so that they do not have to look up too far or turn their heads too much. Uncomfortable seating can also cause back pain which will ruin the show. Use comfortable seating that a person can use for an extended period with no discomfort. Consider the age of guests too, whether you have older people using it or younger.

home-theater-seating Best seating arrangement for any home theater room


Having your own home theater if done properly is not something that comes cheaply. It will be easy to get carried away though with the excitement of great technology so make sure you check out pricing, and then set a budget you can afford. Make a list of things you really need, and then on the other side put things you may want but are not actually necessary. You can then work out a compromise that will suit you. If you are treating yourself and have a high budget there are a lot of extras you can get. Also keep in mind should you decide to sell this property, a room already set up for a home theater will increase the overall value of your home.

As you can see there are a range of things to consider to get the full benefits of a home theater room. Room design and understanding the acoustics in particular need to be of primary importance. Once you are finished you and your family and the friends you know will be visiting will appreciate the extra thought you gave to this room.