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Having room in your home for your own home theater is a great luxury. You get to have better viewing experiences when you watch movies and get to invite friends and neighbors over for movie watching parties. But it is important to make sure the room is decorated in a way that gives the best experience possible. If you are looking at decorating your home theater here are some tips to help you sort through all those options out there.

6 Essential Tips On Designing Your Home Theater Room

Size of the room – First of all you need to look at how big the room is and if you are working with a decorator or company who is doing the work for you, make sure you take accurate measurements so they know what the dimensions are. This way they can assess what your needs are, listen to what you want, offer suggestions and you can organize an appointment with them for them to come and look for themselves.

Deciding on a theme – You then need to decide on what kind of scheme or theme you are going with in the room. That will help you narrow down choices in style in color. You might have a sporting theme for example, or a favorite genre of movie, or movie star, a favorite show.

Colors – With a theme chosen you can more specifically look at color theme. For example if your sporting team has colors of red and white, you might opt for white walls, with splashes of red in furniture, seating, cushions, and so on. You can choose to have floors and walls in more neutral colors and then accent with accessories and décor in your chosen color scheme, or you can decide to spread that theme to these larger areas.

Classic theater room design
Flooring – Have flooring that suits not just your theme, but also fits with the rest of the house. You could have hardwood or laminate flooring, which would be easier to clean up spills should they occur, or you could opt for carpet if you want to add warmth to the room. Depending on budget there is also the choice of whether to put in staggered seating and stairs.

Your screen – The size of the screen is going to be dependent on how much room there is for it, what your budget is and what you would prefer. For the ultimate experience a good idea might be to also get a speaker system so you could have speakers set either side of the screen and then have some in the walls or at the back of the room too.

elegant media room
Seating – It is important to think about who is going to be using the room when it comes to seating and how many at one time might be using it. Options include couches, benches, theater seats, reclining chairs, bean bags or a mix of several options. Take into account whether you want arm rests, cup holders, foot rests and other such comfort luxuries like massaging units! Also remember the size of the room and how much space there is.

There are a large number of options when it comes to decorating your home theater so be sure to turn it into a space you and your friends like to hang out in. Choose a company to work with that understands your budget and your needs so that they give you what you a room you can be happy with. If you are planning on doing this room yourself it would be a good idea to at least consult with the experts as there are technical things to consider like sound, wiring and so on.  Make sure you keep to your budget, it is easy when getting a modern home theater to get carried away!

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