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Top 10 Kitchen Design Ideas To Use For Your Kitchen

Rapid technological improvement in design in the field of kitchen design and architecture has brought about many new designs to cater to the varied taste of homeowners. Features that are required in a kitchen such as cabinets, counter design, appliances, hardware and accessories can be numerous in styles. Each style can combine with different designs of many components leading to a whole new outlook. Two very similar kitchens can be made into distinctly different ones with just an addition of an extra component. Due to the numerous designs and components available you need to thoroughly search for the right option for your kitchen.

Pay extra attention to the cabinets as they are the most important feature of any kitchen. It is often the component of the kitchen where people sets their eye upon. Each kitchen will have a different cabinet system. Types of cabinets to be placed depends upon the size of your kitchen, so determination of the cabinet space is essential. If there is a solid wall in your kitchen without windows, you can go for cabinets that will occupy the entire wall from floor to ceiling with numerous drawers for adequate storage space. You may even include a utility spot to keep your broom and cleaning materials. Corner cabinets having glass fronts are common these days. There are a number of door designs for cabinets that we can choose from. Sunken, flat or elevated designs that will suit your taste. Again, each of these designs comes with several choices of styles. After you decide upon the look of your cabinet it is time to see which paint will suit the ambience. It is advisable to go for a lighter shade if you have a smaller kitchen since it will give the room more spacious feel.

kitchen cabinets Impressive kitchen cabinets

Another important feature of a kitchen is the counter top. It is the most visible component of a kitchen apart from the cabinets. Choosing a counter top should solely rely on sturdiness and aesthetics of course. Granite are widely used materials for counter tops since it provides a neat look and is sturdy. Otherwise, you can choose from a variety of laminates, ceramic tiles, wood, stainless steel or specially engineered stones. For a suitable colour match you should see if the counter top goes well with the cabinet colour and tiles. Adding an island will add up to the counter space as well as cabinet space, if you have a large kitchen space.

modern kitchen design Stunning modern kitchen design

Flooring is an unavoidable part of a room especially the kitchen. Although ceramic tiles are a common sight, choice of wooden and laminate floors are increasing in popularity. Most of the kitchen has ceramic tile backlashes. While selecting the flooring material you should take care that it matches the backlashes. Whether it be laminates, ceramic or wooden floor you should choose a colour and texture for the floor. As a rule of thumb, kitchen with light coloured cabinet will look best with dark colour floor and the opposite. Creating a contrast between the cabinetry and the floor generates an impression of depth.

vinyl kitchen flooring Vinyl kitchen flooring

Top 10 Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Tuscan Kitchen

Selecting a Tuscan kitchen will provide you ample space. The look and elegance that this kitchen design provides have made many homeowners go for it. Its popularity lies in the fact that the design gives a sense of fresh air. To create a remarkable Tuscany kitchen is a simple task. It also depends on what material you choose for this kitchen to make it look authentic. This article will give you a fairly good idea what a Tuscan kitchen is and what is it made of.

Tuscan kitchen design

1. Choice of colour: Tuscan art pieces will give you a general idea of what colours will suit best for this type of kitchen. You can refer an Italian painting of a piece of ceramic made in Tuscan. Collecting this colour ideas will give you a good knowledge of colours that you can use.

2. Wall colour: Start with the colour pallet that you have collected from various Tuscan art piece. Selecting the right colour for your Tuscan kitchen wall is the most important step to create an ambience of Tuscan. War colours like golden yellow, browns, rich red etc will be an ideal choice as it reflects the warmth of Italy. If you can add a faux finish then it will surely add an Old World appeal. Further incorporation of paintings and mouldings can add to its authentic look.

Tuscan kitchen granite counter tops

3. The cabinets: In the Tuscan style kitchens the cabinetry should have a worn out look. Some people may have the distressed look. The cabinets are designed without doors for display of dishes, utensils and spices. Some homeowners are able to have a perfect Tuscan kitchen with glass doors to give a feeling of openness.

4. Backlash: Mosaic designs and patterns suits best for Tuscan kitchen. Most homeowners prefers backlashes which are custom made for Tuscan kitchen which are often ideas derived from Italian paintings. Some of them decided to make it themselves. Backlashes of Tuscan style kitchen are elegant as well as very functional. With a keen eye for selection, it can add to the look of a spacious kitchen.

5. Counter tops: Counter tops are made of natural materials like granite or marble. They are a general material of choice because of its sturdy and natural look. In Italian style kitchens ceramic may also be used.

6. Flooring: Like the counter tops the flooring also made of natural looking materials. Terracotta clay tiles are a preferred choice in this type of kitchen.

7. Sink: Tuscan kitchen has sinks which are large in size. It can be made of ceramic however, most of them are made of marble.

8. Windows: To match the kitchen ambience with Italian surroundings, the windows are often seen without much to cover up. Some homeowners uses sheer panels to give a sense of privacy. However, most of the windows are without draperies.

9. Accessories: Certain accessories meant for display can add to the look of a Tuscan style kitchen. Some of them are canisters which are common in kitchens of Tuscan. Others like olive wood bowls, copper pots and pans are an additional feature that will create the Tuscan look at an instance.

Italian styled kitchen

10. Furniture: Not to forget, the furniture are a major part of the kitchen. Selection of which will certainly compliment to the type of kitchen you desire. In the Tuscan type kitchen there is always a large central island meant for gathering family and friends. It acts as a place for cooking and entertainment. These island as well as other floor cabinets are generally found independently.

2. Rustic Kitchen

As the name suggests, this style of kitchen is a fusion of country style furniture and present kitchen design. The marriage of old components and new design of kitchen have brought out a perfect combination. It is a feeling associated with a simple rural kitchen yet a functional modern touch.

rustic kitchen concept Rustic kitchen design idea


As the theme suggests, a rustic kitchen should have a rustic ambience, a feeling of being in a countryside home. While choosing a material for the furniture, wood is the choice. Every furniture elements in the kitchen should be made of wood. The cabinetry, table, chair and open wooden shelves. Accessories which looks old and vintage types can be chosen to further add to the look.


Success of interior design lies in the selection of the right colour. In the rustic kitchen design colours of red, orange and gold are a preferred choice. Orange colour is considered most ideal for most kitchen as it acts as appetite stimulant and a sense of comfort. Shades of metallic copper or hard wood can be applied to the floor. Wall paintings should be carefully selected to give a rustic feel. For rustic kitchen furniture, colours of orange, red, golden, olive green or deep shades can be chosen in a Tuscan furniture type.

Rustic ambience kitchen

Being experimental has its own benefit while designing a rustic kitchen. A wide range of colours are available to choose from which will match with the theme and yet give the kitchen a personalised look. Colours such as tomato red, olive green, sunflower yellow, cobalt blue, and burnt orange can be tried. To give it a vintage and rustic look walls with Venetian plasters and rough surfaces can be used. Other accessories for decorating the wall includes iron grills, cabinets and decorative made of iron to draw the attention of visitors entering the room.

3. Country Style Kitchen

While designing a country style kitchen the colours should be properly selected, as it reflects the theme of the design. Colours that gives us a feeling of freshness, warmth and cleanliness are the ones which are highly recommended. Softer tone of green, yellow and brown may also be considered along with some other earthly shades. In order to get this look people often use wallpapers of flowers and plants, paintings or actual flowers in vases and pots.

Comfortable and wlecoming country kitchen theme Country kitchen English style

Since the country style kitchen design should be accompanied with an earthly look, the components that will be used for the kitchen should also be naturally available. Wood can be the component for the furniture and other items in the kitchen. Countertops, tables and chairs can be made primarily of wood. Placing a small couch draped with soft shades can be placed in the kitchen for guests. It will even add to the look of the kitchen.

There is no doubt now that the floors will also be made of wood. Choosing the right type of wood according to your choice and the aesthetics of the room is an open option. However, make sure that it compliments with the other components of the kitchen and does not fall out.

Vintage French country kitchen

Further to add to the theme and overall look of the kitchen certain components are required like paintings depicting plants, flowers and other scenes. In a country style kitchen fresh air is a must. In order to accomplish the supply of fresh air, lace curtains can be used in windows. It is a sight to behold when the breeze pulls the curtains on your window when fresh air comes in to soothe you. Other accessories can be added to the kitchen with careful selection of items that will merge with the theme.

4. Cottage Kitchen

In a cottage styled kitchen the furniture, baskets, walls etc. are decorated with colourful designs to make you feel comfortable in a colourful surrounding. Accessories like natural fibre rugs and weather-beaten finishing and colours of the garden are chosen to complete the outlook.

Cottage kitchen design

The cottage themed kitchen can have a number of accessories which sometimes becomes an essential task to make a distinguishing look between a clutter and décor. It should have a floor which is bare, although a rug can be placed sometimes.

The theme is based on a sense of uncomplicated look, airy, casual and yet delightful as in a village home. It is a derived idea of a breezy, carefree feeling of a cottage. When we think of a cottage we can picture a seaside cottage, a countryside or a mountain cabin where there is an ambience of relaxation, calm, serene and casual. A simple outlook is what a cottage kitchen is based on.

Generally a cottage style kitchen is small and does not have a large space. It has a bare floor which is not much occupied and can be used for various purpose.

Accessories are the main component of a country style kitchen as they will contribute the most in giving the right look of the theme. Accessories like linen, housewares, and furnishings need to be clearly chosen with. Use of white, worn out surfaces, vintage kitchen towels with dishcloths, an antique clock are some examples of accessories that will help. Some other accessories includes stoneware pots and glazed earthenware. You can also use a jug with fresh flowers from your garden to give a cottage like ambience.

The cottage style kitchen is not so easy to be completed. The accessories will not be available in one store. It is a matter of passion of collecting the accessories from different stores over a period of time. However, it will definitely grow into a well maintained kitchen overtime.

Budget conscious cottage kitchen

Wood is a preferred material for furnishing the cottage themed kitchen. Furniture manufactured from pine or Maplewood suits best. The designs can be varying such as lacquered, white painted or can introduce curved legs for the cabinets. Further, antique style carvings can also be included in tables and cabinets. You can set a large table that will serve the purpose of dining for the whole family. A farmhouse type kitchen with spindle design chairs made of beech will definitely add to the look of your kitchen.

A decorative wooden style hood can be installed in a cottage themed kitchen. Along with it an outsized ceramic sink will suit the design.

Designs of knobs are prominent features in a cottage style kitchen. Designs with different materials like stoneware, semi-glossy periwinkle blues, light shades like whites & creams compliments with the other accessories. You can also go for a woven wire or bamboo design.

Small cottage kitchen design

Choice of paint colour can be a deciding factor to give the overall look of the theme. You may use a prominent colour for the wooden floor. A warm colour for the walls that surrounds you, make sure the colour goes well with the cabinet, tiles and windows. Choosing the right combination just sets in the ambience.

5. Modern Kitchen

Modern style kitchen demands a spacious layout where all the modern amenities can be included. You need to check with the layout where all the appliances and accessories can be accommodated. If you have a limited space for a kitchen this can be a serious issue to be solved.

Ultra modern kitchen design

In such situation it is advisable to narrow down to a list of most essential items that you want to include in the modern kitchen you desired. Just stick with the basic necessities to start off. Imagine a modern set up and chart out the plan to fit in the kitchen components like the sink, cooker, fridge, oven etc. in the most up to date outlook. After fitting in the required components you can chalk out how much free space is still available with you for addition of other items. If the room starts looking too stuffed with appliances it is better to keep off some items that are not so essential out of your list.

While designing a modern kitchen one should take due note that being modern does not mean an empty kitchen with nothing to show off. You can fit in all your wild ideas into it and still make it look modern. The rule is to bring out a design that is functional and easy to work with in the kitchen. To define what is unmodern is the one in which the space is cluttered and does not seem organized with appliances out of place.

Modern kitchen design idea

Decide on the layout of the kitchen first, then start adding the components that you plan to accommodate in it. A shinny stainless steel look is a desirable feature if your choice is to make a sleek and self-sufficient look. Another option for a larger and bolder look is the metallic surfaces which are done with bright glossy colours. The bright colours will transform your kitchen into a place filled with warmth without compromising the modern look.

Plan for an appropriate lighting system is important for a modern kitchen design. It is advisable to have intelligent lighting around the place you work most in the kitchen, rather than having an enormous light overhead to brighten up the whole place at once. Lighting is a factor that creates the right environment.

Designing and choosing the floor is another aspect you cannot ignore when you want to give your kitchen the perfect modern look. As most modern kitchen has a large open space the floor design, texture and the material matters a lot in contributing the right feel of the theme. Before deciding on a design and material for the floor visualize what will actually look the best. Don’t refer to a showroom that you have seen somewhere, it may just not be the right combination when it comes to your kitchen.

modern kitchen design idea Modern kitchen with island in the center

Some people might suggest that having a modern kitchen might be about taking to things which you are not completely confident about. This is a ridiculous suggestion as unplanned and unorganized component of the whole set up can spoil the total look. Give yourself enough time and space to imagine things that should go well with the plan and solve any problem that comes your way. Because a well-planned designed is the most rewarding at the end.

6. The Old World Kitchen

To have an old world kitchen means to go back to a time when modern amenities like electronic items, digital world and modern appliances took root. It is best when you want to provide an environment of some aged look. And along with it comes the rewarding aesthetics of calmness and serenity in your daily life.

old world kitchen design Old world kitchen design

Pay a visit to your nearby antic store or a home decor store to get a glimpse of what an old world kitchen can look like. Think of accessories and items which has a worn out look and kind of vintage designs. You can then put your observation in deciding the components of the kitchen like the floor, cabinet, table and chairs associated with it. Even imagine about the colour of paint that will suit the best or the wallpaper that will bring in the right picture.

A European style can be experimented with this type of kitchen by fitting in the right colour and texture. A theme associated with the bright sunny countryside of France is also a good option, which is in heavy demand these days. Think about bright colours for the textiles and fabrics that you will use in the kitchen such as napkins, table clothes, towels, lamp covers etc. Surfaces that need to be painted can also be done with the bright colours that you choose. Utensils and other accessories can be procured from stores by keeping a European mind set. Fiesta ware crockeries in bright colours will suit the best and add to the ambience of a bright sunny European ambience.

old world kitchen details Old world kitchen details

The fabrics that drapes your kitchen also adds an unmistakable charm. You should have a detailed idea of what kind of fabric you should add in. You can choose antique furniture to give a comfortable and cozy feel. Traditional type furnishing can bring in a kind of elegant look. You can select the floor design and material that will complement to the room set up. If you can possibly add a small vegetable garden around or bring in the theme of a kitchen garden then it will be an added advantage in the theme. You can add prints and colours of fresh fruits and vegetables on the backlash tiles and fabrics in the kitchen. Reinvent ideas that will add an appeal of the countryside. You can opt for a garden bench inside the kitchen to set an environment accordingly.

It is best advisable to consult a kitchen designer though, since even if you make the whole plan, a designer will know best about the loopholes of design and troubleshoot such minor problems. The designer can bring in their experience and combine with your ideas to give the taste of your lifestyle.

old world kitchen charm Charm of old-world kitchen design

7. Retro Kitchen Design

Classic kitchen style that will surely bring back memories!

retro kitchen design Retro kitchen design idea

Prefer Red

The colour red incorporated in the kitchen design makes the theme come alive. You can have a combination along with black and white too for a better look. Adding red in the colour combination brings in a lot of attention while maintaining the essence of the theme.

The liberty of using red in your kitchen depends upon you. You may use it on walls, crockeries or windows. As a matter of fact black and white kitchen from the past always used red to enhance the look.

retro kitchen red design Red retro kitchen design

Flooring your Retro Kitchen

A black and white tile combination is what suits the most in a retro kitchen. If the tiles are placed in an alternate manner of black and white, it is even more beautiful and augment the theme of the kitchen. If the tiles are not affordable or if you want to cut down the cost then you can choose laminates with the same alternate pattern. Wooden flooring are not advisable in a retro style kitchen with black and white colour combination. However if you really insist on a wooden floor then choose a dark coloured wood. Complement the wooden floor with a rug which has the black and white or red pattern to provide the retro look.

Choosing the Cabinet

As mentioned earlier in case of the floor, it is better if you keep the idea of a wooden cabinet at bay. You can colour the cabinets white or black depending upon the colour of the wall that you have. You can add further décor in retro style by fixing pull handles made of silver colour. And if you are the artistic kind and a perfectionist go on and paint those handles in a black and white checked pattern to match the other around it.

Choosing the right appliance

Most of the old diners had white appliances as well as other appliances like refrigerators. There are lot of available options of appliances that you can choose from these days. If the idea of white appliance doesn’t suit you then you can select stainless steel which goes in very well along with the retro theme. It is acceptable if you choose black appliances in case if you have not used much of black colour around. If you prefer you can still give a fusion of modern style kitchen in tour retro theme.

60s kitchen design idea Kitchen design that surely bring back memories

Infusion of black and white colour in the retro theme is a unique way of decorating the kitchen and generate a different style. Your kitchen should be not only stylish but it should be functional, comfortable and inviting as you will spend a considerable amount of time in this kitchen.

8. French Country Kitchen

A French country kitchen should speak of being casual and yet comfortable ambience. A welcoming look for your guests is what is all about French kitchen. Cabinets are of furniture style in this type of kitchen. It is so designed that the cabinets can function as a stand alone or can be seamlessly accommodated in the kitchen. The cabinets are designed to showcase your collection of porcelain figurines. Displaying rooster figurines are most traditional and suits best with the outlay.

french country kitchen design French country kitchen design

In a French country kitchen theme the shades of red and yellow are the most common. These vibrant colours blows in life into the room and makes it come alive with its various shades. To be precise you can try dark mustard yellow or shades of deep red like burgundy.

Adding contrasting elements like terra cotta and wrought iron can be accommodated together. Wrought iron materials for the ceiling rack to keep those pots and pans as well as terra cotta vases can be used. Think of a design and material that reflects the pattern of bricks to be used for flooring. For countertops tiles will be the best option for a French themed kitchen.

You can have confidence in putting in a farmhouse-style table in the room. Table with rough finishing and woven seats for the chair will no doubt add a comfort level in the kitchen. For fabrics, use bright colours for furnishing and draperies. To add in a perfect colour combination you can add in shades of blue and green around the kitchen.

lovely french kitchen Lovely French kitchen

And is you still have space to try something else then add in accessories which are unrelated to cooking in the kitchen. You can try a bookshelf to keep porcelain vases, books and fancy decorative serving dishes. The whole idea is to make your kitchen cozy and comfortable.

9. Kitchen in African Style

This type of kitchen style is wildly growing in demand and is flourishing at a great rate. Adding types of African décor can bring in a sense of uniqueness and spice up your kitchen. African themed kitchen can be an amazing décor if used the correct way. It does not matter if you want to try out with the whole kitchen or use some empty space and experiment with it. This article will share you very important tips so that you don’t end up spending those hard earned money on an interior designer. However, you will also be warned of the pitfalls that is associated with the design that might entirely ruin your kitchen.

South African kitchen theme South African kitchen design idea

Start with the wall colour, shades of earthly colours will work best in this type of kitchen and will blend in any types of decorative that is to be placed in the African theme kitchen. Some of the colours which will blend in well are off white, beige, sandstone etc. which will provide a perfect background for all those accessories. The earth tone colours will add in an ambience of calmness in the kitchen. It is advisable to use a semi-gloss type of paint for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Wall decoration of African nature can be your next item to be considered. It can be very exotic or a simple one. Keep in mind about space utilization in an African wall décor. It does not look good with a crowded and packed look of the wall, it will only spoil the arrangement. You have a wide range of African exotic décor to choose from. African accessories like baskets, wall hangings, art, fabrics and most importantly an African mask which is unavoidable. Try with small pieces of accessories to display and if space permits, you can hang in a portrait to be the centre of attraction.

kitchen african theme Africa inspired kitchen theme

Let us talk about what type of curtains are required, now. As a rule of thumb, choose a colour that will complement the wall colour. Think about ethnical prints and African figures and patterns. You may see if Mudcloth or Bogolon Mali prints will fit in.

10. Professional Kitchen Ideas

A professional kitchen will have a look and ambience of a workplace. It should be considered that cleanliness and hygiene that is maintained in a kitchen meant for public supply of food also is applicable to a private professional kitchen.

professional kitchen design Professional kitchen design

The professional look of the kitchen can be daunting at first look. However, looking at the functionality and well planned nature of the kitchen you will realise how comfortable it is to work in such environment. Seamless work surface enables you to move around things efficiently. Stainless steel surfaces are the most common in professional type kitchens. The hardy nature of the steel makes it an excellent work surface.

The work surface can include a built-in chopping board with a waste disposal drawer which can be pulled out easily to put those vegetable wastes. For rolling pastries, a smooth marble surface can be included. If there is a large space a central stand-alone structure with cooking rings and sink for washing vegetables and fruits can be installed. Calculate the height that is most comfortable to make the cooking experience fun and tireless.

professional kitchen look Professional kitchen theme

Cooking space of professionals includes access to gas as well as electricity for their work. Big ovens, and integrated charcoal barbecue grills are a common feature. A very efficient hood to take away the fumes that are generated are installed to make the work space pleasant.

Steel kitchen seen in many restaurants All steel professional kitchen

Lighting up the work area is also another factor which counts for efficiency during cooking. Use halogen spots to provide a worktop that does not shine up. A row of small illuminations just above the counter can add to the look and efficacy.

The utensils which are used commonly are to be kept well within reach, for this it can be kept hung overhead or kept in a space beneath the stove. Units which are free standing or attached which are flexible for hanging those utensils can be selected for the purpose.

The shelves above the worktops can be made as open ones for display of equipment which can be kept stacked on the shelves. Deeper and taller shelves at the lower part can be used to keep storage jars with dry foods. You can include bulky and weighty items for these shelves. A wide drawer is preferred to arrange the components of a kitchen and for easy reach. Knives, which are the most essential component of a kitchen and the best partner of a professional cook can be placed neatly placed in a knife rack or a felt line drawer, which will then remain protected.

A dishwasher or two becomes a bare necessity in this setup. They should have the capacity to wash pots, pans and all the standard utensils in a dinner set.