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Cedar not long ago was thought of as a wood for furniture and for construction of items outside the home. But today that has changed and more home owners are choosing it for their hardwood flooring. It attracts people with its deep color and beauty that looks fantastic in any room. It is a soft hardwood, the softest being used for flooring in fact, but cedar flooring is stable and durable and everything you need from hardwood floors.

Cedar Wood Flooring

That is not to say you do not notice that it is softer, but that is a subtle softness that actually gives more of a bounce as you walk on it which is actually pleasant to experience. It also means more sound dampening occurs so the sound of your partner walking around downstairs is going to be more muffled if you are upstairs trying to sleep!

cedar flooring

Perhaps one of the reasons why it took longer for people to adopt cedar flooring inside the home is that it shows marks more easily because of the softness. However it does come with applications and protective coating that help minimize this and the occasional imperfection adds some character to your flooring. You can also plan on more refinishing for this type of hardwood floor than other kinds but even with that extra work cedar flooring is still one of the cheapest options. With that said, kitchen would be the last choice for us to use cedar flooring because that’s where things drop on the floor the most and that can easily damage the flooring. Check out other kitchen flooring options for more ideas.

Cedar flooring

Cedar is very commonly found in more rustic styled homes, houses in rural areas like log cabins. Cedar flooring adds a rustic charm to a home and the beauty of it is that you do not just get something attractive you get that wonderful cedar smell too. You can get various finished depending on your own preference or taste. You can get engineered, unfinished and pre-finished cedar flooring to suit any kind of installation needed. The great thing about cedar flooring when installing them is that slight softness means you can bend or make slight changes to allow for the subfloor imperfections while still getting a floor that is stable and rigid.

Cedar floor for the kitchen

Type Of Materials

cedar-wood-material Cedar flooring can be in engineered form, solid or plank form and as well as being a great option for homes it can also be used in businesses to create superior flooring for a per square foot low cost. Unlike a lot of hardwoods which can have issues with moisture, you can use cedar floors that are engineered are not as susceptible. This makes them a great option to put in basements over concrete for glued down below grade installation. For above grade rooms like dining rooms and bedrooms solid cedar is a great option. It is perfectly fine to mix your cedar materials to suit them to each room and create a distinctive look in your home or business at a price you can afford.

With its flexibility you can create more interesting borders, highlight other materials on the floor like tile, add accents to a room and so on. Your imagination is really the only thing limiting what you can do with cedar flooring whether you use 4 inch planks or other widths there are a large number of installation options.


cedar wood for flooring in the bathroom In terms of cost cedar flooring starts at just $1 per square foot, cheaper than other popular hardwood materials. Solid cedar flooring is more expensive though than engineered cedar flooring, but both have a lot of pros over other woods. It is an approved flooring material with the best fire retardation compared to similar hardwood flooring. As well as its flame retardation superiority other benefits mentioned here make it a great choice if you are considering re-doing your floors either in your home or business.

When you want hardwood flooring and cost is the only thing holding you back cedar floors may be the way to go. They bring a grace, charm and warmth to a home, are great if you are looking at hardwood flooring or creating a rustic feel and are durable, dependable and affordable. Cedar flooring has become more and more popular in recent years and is no longer just a wood for furniture and decking!

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