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A farmhouse table is the perfect addition to a rustic or country styled kitchen. Farmhouse table designs are influenced by American colonialism, as well as by English and French rustic style. The right table can have a huge impact and can be both visually stunning as well as practical and durable. They are perfect for a family but are also successful when used to entertain. You can get a real antique table that is over 100 years old or you can opt for a reproduction, that depends on your budget and how much daily use it is going to get. Here is a look at the various designs and types of farmhouse tables you can choose from and other considerations to think about.

Farmhouse Table Features

Typically a farmhouse table for the kitchen or dining room should look rustic, have a large strong top that is usually rectangular though there are some that are circular, and legs that are sturdy and thick. This style of table does not come with fancy styling, grooves or lines. The chairs too should reflect this sense of no nonsense, just clean lines and stability. If you are looking at true antique sets, typically the chairs do tend to age before the table does. Therefore you may want to think about getting the vintage table but with new handcrafted chairs.

farmhouse-table Square farmhouse table

Having genuine old pieces of furniture brings advantages and disadvantages. Of course there is a real sense of history to a genuine antique but getting the right piece to suit your needs and kitchen is not always easy. They are a lot harder to find than reproductions, you will need to keep watch on various online auctions and at authorized antique dealerships. But should you be successful in your endeavours you can feel certain you have unique furniture as it is rare to find vintage tables that are the same. And these antiques are certainly made to last!

If you would prefer to get a reproduced farmhouse table this will be a quicker buying process and will cost you less money. You can find equally attractive pieces as the genuine antique pieces that while may not hold the history still will bring you visual pleasure and serve your practical needs. Plus the advantage to this route apart from saving money is that you can have something custom made to suit your own style and desire. Plus that visual look of ageing is easy to create nowadays, the wood can be treated to make it look as if it has aged naturally.

diy-farmhousetable A DIY farmhouse table

You could even consider having a table set built from reclaimed wood, from places like farmhouses or barns that are falling or being pulled down. This gives you the best of both worlds. By recycling old wood you get the benefit of designing the table to suit your specific details, its size, shape, finish and style. While this is also a more environmentally friendly option to take it does cost more to have reclaimed wood used than to just buy a reproduction table.

Whether you choose to go antique, reproduction or reclaimed make sure you think about practical issues like how the table is going to get to you, and how you are going to get it into the house. These are not things that are flat-packed and easy to transport, solid wood is not cheap to transport so make sure you compare prices carefully before committing.

custom-made-table Custom made

Design options

While a farmhouse table could be made from a variety of materials, when looking for a rural and rustic look most are made from heavy, solid wood. You can get various types of wooden tables but the most common are pine and oak.

Pine – Pine is a great choice to get that rustic traditional look in the kitchen. You can get pine chairs to match that are Windsor style or straight backed usually, or you can opt for a pine bench, a good choice if you have a bigger family. Plus 2 benches are a lot easier to tuck out the way when not in use than a bunch of chairs are. Pine is also one of the more expensive woods to get though because as well as being attractive it is also very durable and can handle daily bumps and use.

pine-farmhouse-table Rustic farmhouse table made of pine wood

Oak – A lot of people see oak as being more traditional and it too is durable. Prices for oak depend on the quality of craftsmanship, how much time it took to make, and the quality of the wood itself.

oak-farmhouse-table Oak wood farmhouse table

In terms of design there are three key tables that fit, the turned-leg table, the trestle table and the round pedestal.

Turned-leg tables – These are farmhouse tables that are simple in design with 4 legs and 4 corners, and are therefore rectangular or square shaped. The wood used is usually pine or oak and the legs turn on a lathe, hence the name. They have ridges and rounds that look attractive and decorative. They are sturdy tables that will last for years.

Trestle table – These are tables that have two legs at either end of the table that have a long piece of wood at or near the bottom that joins them. A board is placed on top as the surface which is long and narrower than other rustic table designs. Usually these tables are plain and functional though there can be some decoration on the cross piece.

Round pedestal table – Often made of heavy oak, these tables have one thick centre leg that has four feet that come out at the bottom to keep the table more stable. On antique tables you can find such tables turn the feet into decorative carvings like lion’s feet or claws.

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