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The main focus while designing a kitchen should strongly be on the effectiveness and the organization. Along with that don’t forget to keep your kitchen functional at the same time reflect your lifestyle and personality. The French country design is a traditional way of decorating your kitchen.

The Appeal of A French Country Style Kitchen Design

A French country kitchen mirrors the bliss of livelihood and the significance of your close ones. It also brings home the warm experience of a French countryside cottage. You could be living in an urban or suburban domicile, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing the affection, warmth and beauty of a French country kitchen, into your own. The ultimate result of smaller changes will give rise to the romantic and lively French country kitchen.


The key element of a French country kitchen is the color. In most French country cottage you will notice the walls painted in different shades of yellow, for instance butter or mustard. The cabinets in the kitchen are mostly tinted in salmon pink or cornflower blue.  But you can always go for blue walls and use distinctive softer shades for emphasis.

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Natural lighting is a constituent of the decoration in French country kitchens. Window treatments are generally Roman shades. The textile used could be textured or artistic, in solid colors or stripes. You could also go for printed herbs or fruits and vegetables on the fabric. One detail you could employ without much effort is the use of lavender. Take a clump of dried lavender and use them as danglers on the ceiling or put them in a vase, this will bring in the aroma of French countryside right into your home, specifically your kitchen.


Practically all country kitchen accessories come handy. All different kinds of vases or pots serve the purpose of storage for cooking utensils, especially spatulas. Copper or wrought iron open shelves which are freestanding grip plants, or napkins and serving bowls. You could exhibit terracotta trivets in a rooster or some herb design on walls after use.

Make the most of a plain and simple, pine work table for everyday family meals or for social get-togethers. Go for the right size table which will not disrupt the passage in your kitchen. Avoid the use of a table, in case your kitchen is fashioned like a gallery. You would not want to overcrowd your kitchen.


French country kitchens are not very big in terms of space, so the people try to maintain maximum room by employing various methods. They go for vertical racks instead of the customary cupboards. Hang a wrought iron rack from the ceiling to store utensils. Pot racks come handy and are easily available in a variety of designs and sizes. If your kitchen is not compatible with a hanging pot rack from the ceiling, you can still opt for the French country style look. Try using strong hooks on the door or on a wall to save the space a cupboard would occupy; thus bringing the feel of a French countryside into your kitchen.

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