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Granite countertops have been a firm favorite for almost 75% of homeowners who wish to renovate their kitchen. Granite infused with silicon-base sealer is most resilient to stains from grease and oil. The polished surface of granite does not wear off also hot pots and pans do not mar the surface as granite stays cool. Its sturdiness, longevity and stunningly beautiful patterns make it an ideal choice for heavily used surfaces like kitchen countertops.

The richness and magnificence of granite cannot be compared to a synthetic simulation. Granite is available in a range of shades like white, black, beige, green and coral. And literally no two pieces of granite are the same; this gives your kitchen countertop its distinctiveness and uniqueness.

Make sure that you buy the natural stone for your counters from an experienced trader who deals with good quality granite. Also go for a dealer who offers you services for installation. Homeowners with granite kitchen countertops benefit three times the initial at the time of selling their house. You will find granite countertops in a variety of colors, edging finishes and quality.

Kitchen granite countertop Luxurious look with granite countertop

Some factors worth considering when choosing your kitchen countertop


Granite is a natural stone which is heat, stain and scratch resistant, making it a perfect choice for the kitchen. Granite also has anti-microbial quality. It is easy to clean and is highly bearable of acids, alcohol, wine, tea and coffee.

Granite countertop for the kitchen

It is one of the hardest stones used for countertops, making it most enduring as it does not crack or scrape on a regular application. Other natural stones like marble and limestone require delicate use and greater care.

It is next to impossible to stain granite surfaces. Take the advice of your countertop dealer about sealants to make your granite countertop more resilient to stains and scratches.  You are never going to regret opting for granite as it will add substantial worth to your kitchen for years to come.


Granite generally has a splattered or swirled grain and depending on its mineral structure it may contain many colors. Typically colors like beige, pink, saturated red, classic black and white, blue and even different colors are associated with granite.


The speckled and dotted textures of granite provide your kitchen interiors splendor and magnificence. Its natural source and quality makes it a unique choice which cannot be imitated by any man made machine.

With a variety of colors and textures available, granite makes your kitchen charming and distinctive. Do ensure that you are buying your granite from top suppliers who deal in granite of the finest grade and quality.

Cut granite stone


To keep up with the trends, manufacturers are producing exterior finishes which may be polished, honed, flamed, split faced, hammered and brushed. Some of these finishes which seal the durability and enhance the quality of granite are:


A polished finish augments the texture and color of the stone making it shiny and sparkling. Polishing your granite countertops intensifies its impermeability making it more resistant to humidity and chemicals which are generally used in the kitchen.



Honed finish endows your countertops with a smooth and non-reflective surface. But it is not an ideal choice for a busy kitchen as it may increase the porosity of your granite countertops.



This finish is a more brave choice as it gives a slightly worn antique look to your counters.




For rough textured surface granite is exposed to high temperatures followed by extreme cooling. Flamed finish renders granite with a slip resistance quality making it ideal for a busy kitchen.

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