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If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen and want to create a kitchen diner there are several things to think about first. The most important thing is that the room works for your needs and your lifestyle. In kitchen design there is something called the kitchen work triangle, but this is not something you should focus too much on when looking at kitchen diner design ideas. More important are issues like whether the wall you are knocking down will need support, which is why talking to a structural engineer may be worth the time and money. You also need to think about lighting and re-wiring and the acoustics of the room as well as its design and style. This article covers your options by looking at several kitchen diner design ideas for you to consider.

But what are the advantages of turning two smaller rooms into one larger one? Or making your large kitchen a place where you eat too? What will a kitchen diner mean for you and your household? Many people see a kitchen diner as something suitable for families, where you can cook and come together to eat in an informal atmosphere. While that is true, it does not have to be for just families and family meals. There are practical advantages to having the cooking and eating all done in the same room. And if you live in smaller space that does not come with a separate dining room, a kitchen diner may be the only option. Keep in mind too that should you ever want to sell most future buyers have an area for eating as one of the top things they look for.

modern-kitchen-diner Modern kitchen diner

With a kitchen diner you can invite friends or family to dinner and chat while you prepare their food rather than feeling isolated from them. Open plan living is very popular nowadays, it creates a feeling of space, so a kitchen diner embraces that trend. In the past families would always come together at meal times, and that is something that is less common today with everyone leading busy lives, even the kids. An open plan kitchen diner gives you the space to re-connect with each other over good food. It also means you can keep an eye on the children while they do their homework and you cook.

There are a number of ways you can design a kitchen diner depending on your personal needs. Some have a corner table, some have a larger table at one end of the room, others have a central table, and some look at breakfast bars, or kitchen islands with seating. What you opt for will depend on the size of the room and the style, as well as how many people will be using it. If you want to be able to have people around for meals just a breakfast bar may not be enough for example. Another plus to having a kitchen diner is if you still also have a separate dining room that you no longer use or need this can now be converted into something more useful. A playroom, office, hobby room, whatever you need!

kitchen-diner-extension Beautiful design!

Designing The Kitchen Diner


When creating your kitchen diner you need to think about lighting and the layout of the room. Having the lighting on a dimmer switch is a good idea so that you can create mood lighting for ambiance. It also means you can dim the lights in the kitchen area and raise them in the dining area if you want to so that people’s attention stay away from the less than pristine kitchen after you have been cooking! This helps to create zones for each area too. Make sure you have good task lighting over the kitchen zone and have suitable dining lighting such as low hanging pendants in the eating area. You can also have track or spot lighting in certain areas like a painting for example and then some low level lighting for when the area is used for reading or homework.

big-dining-table Natural lighting


Having good ventilation is important in any kitchen but especially so in a kitchen diner as the open plan design means smells of cooking is more likely to drift to other areas of the home. Consider investing in an effective cooker hood with a good extractor fan that is either attractive or concealed.

good-cooking-exhaust Place a strong extractor fan to suck the smell out


Having an island gives you various benefits, more storage, a place to prepare food as well as a potential place for a breakfast bar. You may want to make sure the plumbing allows for the fridge and dishwasher to be close to both the dining and kitchen zones so that they are accessible from both. Try to position the table so that people seated can see and talk to whoever is cooking or preparing drinks. If you have hard flooring in the room remember in large spaces the acoustics may be a problem. To ensure there is no echoing use soft furnishings to absorb sound, rugs, carpeting or curtains for example. You can also use the island or the layout of the furniture as a way to create zones in the room. Have the eating area close to natural light if possible, with a view out to the garden. Consider having some French windows put in or windows that are dramatic and allow in a lot of light. Make sure you have thought about small but important details like being able to pull out chairs when sitting at the table, being able to move around the room without bumping into things and having a table that is neither too large nor too small.

kitchen-diner-layout The perfect layout

Keep in mind that your guests will be able to see you while you are cooking and the mess you may be making! A back splash on the island can help to hide some of what you are doing. For a smaller kitchen diner have ceiling mounted shallow cupboards. If you want to create an illusion of more space have vaulted or coffered ceilings and use an oval or round table rather than rectangular.


When budgeting make sure you set aside an extra ten percent on top of what you plan for just in case there are extra costs you were not prepared for. If you are working on a tight budget do some of the easier things yourself like painting, stripping wallpaper, pulling up flooring. But be honest with yourself about what you can and cannot do. Think about the kitchen diner as one room with two areas, rather than as two rooms in one space. You do not need to have the whole kitchen and dining space have matching furniture or be the same color, but tie them together so there is balance. You could have the flooring in all one material for example.

60s-kitchen-look 60s era theme for the kitchen

Remember that the essence of a kitchen diner is a more informal place to eat so decorate it with that in mind. Choose materials that you can keep clean easily, if you have children use paint that is wipe able and if the chairs have covers make sure they come off easily so that can be washed. If you want to make the room feel bigger paint it in white or light colors. If you want to make it feel rustic choose lighter woods for the table and chairs. If you want something more elegant use dark woods. Personalize the space with pictures, lamps, rugs and so on. For larger rooms add in an armchair or a sofa as a place to relax.

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