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Designing a small kitchen could be much troublesome considering that you’ll have to focus on adjusting a lot of things in the given space. Too much of clutter in a small space could be overpowering. You need to pick the right cabinet design with a surface pattern which gives a feeling of open space to your kitchen.

Without doubt it is a challenging task to design a small kitchen and at the same time keep it well organized and functional. To design a small kitchen which is perfectly equipped to fulfill your needs you will find a lot of designing options available even in a small budget.

Good storage, efficient lighting and right appliances are three things you need to focus on to make your small kitchen well organized and resourceful. The National Kitchen and Bath Association has also recommended that implementing innovative storage solutions, the right blend of ambient and natural lighting, and using space saving appliances will make your small kitchen look spacious. One needs to think creatively when finding the solution for storage for small kitchens.

Tastefully designed small kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

1) A freestanding island in the middle of your kitchen could be a convenient storage option as you can reach it from any point in the kitchen. You can use it to store utensils, extra cookware and also utilize it for supplementary counter space.  For small kitchens in an apartment which do not have an island already installed, you may want to purchase a small island or a rolling cart instead. These islands and carts are really small and can fit anywhere in the given space.


2) Small kitchens look great in a galley design with the counter and sink on one side of the aisle and stove, oven, fridge and other appliances on the other.

3) The flooring of a galley kitchen could be hardwood which runs the length of the kitchen. You may use diagonally placed tiles for the flooring of kitchens designed in other styles.

4) Appliance manufacturers nowadays are coming up with compact appliances which are space saving. These appliances are ideal for small kitchens and can also be hung underneath the cabinets. Also manufacturers have come up with space saving refrigerators which are twenty four inches in depth instead of thirty inches.

5) If you wish to include an eating corner in your small kitchen, you could use a small sized table, round in shape or some drop table with a pair of small chairs which can be inserted into a corner. Another trick is to create an eating area with a built-in stand and chairs along the wall.

Island double as dining table

6) The right use of lighting can help you create an illusion of a larger space in a smaller kitchen. You could consider putting lights under the cabinet or under the stand to create an impression of a more pleasing and larger looking kitchen.

7) Use light hue cabinets having glass doors.

Small apartment kitchen Small apartment kitchen design

8) Deep counters provide you with more work area and extra storage space for your appliances.

9)  Make the most of the space provided to you by storing pantry items which are seldom used in upper cabinets. The lower cabinets can be more accessible and accommodating with roll out shelves and tilt outside bins.


10)   An impeccable way to open cabinet space is to hang up utensils and other kitchen items. You can utilize the insides of the cabinet doors for this purpose.

11)   Do not compromise with the size of the sinks. Larger kitchen sinks are more practical as they provide better space for cleaning large pots and pans.

A good design for a small kitchen is when you can creatively utilize the limited space and incorporate sufficient storage facilities. Try to create space at the same time fit in the kitchen essentials. Most regular kitchens are small. Do not be misled by the kitchen design magazines which features large kitchens, to think that your kitchen is inadequate.

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