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Working in a small area kitchen is quite a challenge. If you don’t store your stuff in the right way, the clutter could make you feel claustrophobic and suffocating. But decorating your kitchen with the right touches, maximizing your storage and making your kitchen more efficient could add charm even to a small kitchen. Cooking can be pleasurable even in a tiny space if only you can make it look bigger and brighter. Some guidelines to assist you maximize the available space are given below.

10 Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

1. Use vertical space for storage

It’s a great idea to utilize the vertical length of your kitchen. You could hang the frequently used tools on the wall. You may also supplement a pot stand somewhere over the sink or at a place where it’s most resourceful.  You can even utilize the vertical space for additional storage by adding shelves on the top.

small kitchen design idea

2. Use colors to make the area appear larger

To open up the space in a small spaced kitchen you should use fresh light colors on the wall. Go for shades of white or a lighter shade of beige for a spacious look. If you wish to add some color to your kitchen, a brogue wall will also work equally fine.

Use light color for small kitchen

3. Use Storage Space Outside of the Kitchen

Some kitchenwares which are brought out only on certain occasions are best kept away. An additional closet or some space in the garage is ideal to store away those items which are rarely used.

4. Use Natural light

The best solution to make your kitchen seem bigger is to let in as much natural light as possible.  Lay emphasis on the window to bring in maximum light. Adding extra light underneath the cabinets or above will not only help you do your work with ease but also revitalize the kitchen making the space look bigger?

Small kitchen idea for 2014/15

5. Store Your Food Items Logically

Use decorative storage items like mason jars, containers for pastas and little tins for spices, they help you keep your kitchen efficient. Shelves are a good alternative when you’re short on cabinet space. You can also make use of stackable bins in cupboards.


6. Always Put Stuffs Away

Always Retain your kitchen well organized. A nice little basket, in place where things like keys, bills or wallets tend to collect, will help contain the loose items at a place. Also try to keep your sink clean and free from all the dirty dishes.

Proper storage in the kitchen

7. Remove Things that are Never Used

It’s always a great idea to check for items you never use, which don’t function properly and spare items, so that you may quickly get rid of them. It will free up the much wanted space which was unnecessarily occupied by them.

8. Add a Transferable Island

Portable islands are just right for those who need more space on the counter. These will not only make room for work on the countertop but also serve as a great storage solution. Moreover it can also be removed when you need more space for different occasions.


9. Using Mirrors

Mirrors have always been a favorite décor when it comes to giving an impression of a bigger room. It is a creative way of bringing in the illusion of more space. For those with lesser wall space, try adding mirrors to cabinets.

Use mirror in a small kitchen

10. Expand Windows

You may remove the wall or cabinet hanging between your kitchen and dining or living area, to increase your space. You may even expand a smaller window or add additional windows to allow more natural light to brighten up the kitchen. A bay window works perfectly to give you that extra space for storage or decorative pieces.

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