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One of the most popular flooring options amongst homeowners today is cork flooring. While more commonly chosen for rooms like the bedroom or living room, it is also perfectly suitable for any room of the house, even the kitchen. Some people mistakenly see cork flooring as one the less durable types of flooring you can choose and therefore would not think to place it in a kitchen, a room that gets a high amount of traffic and sees spills and things dropped, regular washing and furniture being dragged out. But there are many good reasons to having cork flooring so here is a look at why you might want cork flooring and its advantages.

Why cork flooring is a great flooring option

Great elasticity

The elasticity of the cork is what makes it soft and comfortable to walk on. There are pockets of air inside the cork and as we walk on them we cause it to compress and the pockets cause it to decompress. This means should you drop something on this floor you have more chance of it not smashing into untold pieces! Cork flooring will actual absorb some of the impact so more of those falls have a chance of surviving. Great if you are prone to knocking things over or if you have children in the house. This elasticity also makes it a safer place for the young children just learning to walk, providing them with a softer surface to learn and fall on!

kitchen cork flooring Cork flooring


Despite what some might think this is a durable material. It comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, its very nature is to endure and protect the tree from the elements. There is a reason it has been used by wine makers for centuries! Admittedly it is less effective against sharp implements, high heels or the claws of pets but it is not going to fall apart or wear out on you even if used in a high traffic room. Just keep in mind the sections exposed to direct sunlight may fade faster than the rest so either cover those areas with an attractive rug or get some UV protection put on your windows.

Easy to repair

As mentioned there are a couple of things that can cause more damage than say if you chose hardwood, but cork is easy to repair. Most problems are superficial and affect just the tiles finish so sanding it down then re-varnishing can fix that.

elastic flooring Repair friendly floor

Resistant to water

Remember those wine makers. Cork does not absorb liquids. Even in a place like the kitchen that sees a high number of spills or drips as long as you wipe up that spill as soon as you can the floor will be fine. While it is not waterproof, if spills are dealt with when they happen there should be no long term damage done to the floor.

Good for allergies

If you or someone in the house has allergies or asthma a cork floor is a great choice because of the Suberin that is in the bark. This is a chemical that makes the cork resistant to mildew, mold and bacteria. Cork floors are a perfect choice for people looking for hypoallergenic options.

Suits anyone

You can get a huge variety of designs, colors, styles, sizes and so on from a wide range of manufacturers. Whatever style of house or room you have, you can find a cork tile that works with your taste and preference.

kitchen floor Things don’t break when fall on this type of floor

Environmentally friendly

More and more house owners are trying to make choices that do not have a negative impact on the world around us and this is a good thing. From production to installation cork flooring is eco friendly and you can feel good about choosing this floor. The tree from which the bark is removed is not actually harmed at all, unlike hardwood flooring where trees are cut down and forests are being decimated.

cork flooring Blend amazingly well with the natural surrounding

Your safety

While cork is already naturally resistant to fire it is not actually fireproof. But should the worse happen and a house fire occur you can feel safe knowing that there are no chemicals or toxins released if they catch fire, so no-one in the house will be breathing in anything from cork floors that might harm them before they escape the fire. This is an important fact as there are a high number of deaths in house fires that are linked to breathing in toxic fumes.

The only thing about cork flooring you may need to think about is its cost. It is not one of the cheaper flooring options, but if your budget can stretch to it, or you are only covering a smaller area, cork makes a very sound investment.

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