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There are numerous kitchen backsplash designs that one can choose from. What matters the most is to have a design that is in synchrony with the already set counter-top design. First of all you need to concentrate and look at the design of the countertop that is installed in your kitchen and then think of a backsplash idea that will suit best.

Having a backsplash has many advantages such as: It enhances the illuminating potential brought in by natural light, it augments the overall look of the kitchen, and it makes kitchen maintenance easier.

You don’t need a crash course on doing a kitchen backsplash. It is as easy as any other do-it-yourself jobs. If you have the right tool and the right idea then designing a kitchen backsplash can easily be accomplished without much hindrance. Moreover, you will be able to display your creative side o the patterns and colors that you choose.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Apart from the designs that are available to choose from, you have options of choosing the materials from an array of options like marble, granite, ceramic tiles, glass or even stainless steel.

If you are about to set up a contemporary type of kitchen backsplash then choosing granite will be a wise decision. Most of the modern homes have granite kitchen backsplashes that are sleek, sturdy and elegant at the same time. Installing it is an easy task and they do not weigh heavily on the pocket too. Apart from the above plus points they are easy to clean, water and stain resistant as well as heat durable. Another option of Onyx may not suit to be installed in the cooking area but can be used for bathrooms and other backsplash area of the kitchen.

Stunning kitchen backsplash ideas

If you want to consider installing colors that are not naturally available as in case of granites and marbles then you can choose to go with ceramic and porcelain tiles. They can be an easy option to install as well as it can fit in different sizes as they are easy to be cut out.

Another classy material is the glass tiles that can be convenient if you are considering maintenance. There are wide arrays of glass tiles that are fabricated from recycled materials and are durable as well as aesthetically appealing on its look.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of materials that you can choose from for your kitchen backsplash. Certain materials and designs may be costly and can cost you a lot but if you are creative enough and sharp with details then it is possible to cut down the cost to few hundred dollars that is affordable enough and yet does not compromise on the look of your kitchen. It is best to look for various options before choosing one at an instant because the cost may widely vary as well as the quality as you sure do not want to compromise on quality even though you save some money. Looking for an option that will save money and give you the best will be a wise choice.


Types of backsplashes and their pros and cons

Glass Tile Backsplashes

Modern bathrooms with glass tiles look fabulous and so does kitchen backsplashes with those. Glass tiles are a trend that is fast catching up and can be seen displayed in most showrooms. It may cost you much more than other materials but its look can never be matched with any other material that you choose to install.

It not only looks good but is easier to install too. It comes in a standard size of 12 by 12 inches which is easier to install. It also has a mesh backing that will ease your work on cutting down to the right size when you install. First decide on the type of pattern you want and have a correct measurement so that the work is neatly and efficiently done.

glass tile kitchen backsplash

Most kitchen and bathroom décor stores will have the glass tiles on display and if you want to be very sure you can always rely on Soho Studio Corp. There is always the internet that will help you out whenever you need information. If you have a countertop that is solid in color then having a glass backsplash will suit best.

Glass tile backsplash accent

Cleaning the glass tiles are easy and you can keep the backsplash as clean as new but avoid using harsh cleaning agents such as bleach. It may be an easy clean option for a short time but prolonged use of bleach can damage the shine of the glass tiles. It even makes the tiles porous which will allow dirt as well as grease to go deeper and make it hard to be cleaned.

Limestone Backsplashes

Unlike glass tiles that are made from recycled materials and fabricated the limestone tiles are naturally available and has a great aesthetic appeal. It is a type of material that can go and fit with any design or décor of a kitchen. Its durable nature makes it a choice for many home owners. Limestone backsplashes can be a center for many design ideas which are listed below.

Limestone backsplash natural look

Highlight the Spot

To use it as a highlighting tool, first install all the necessary items and parts of your kitchen like the countertops, appliances, sinks or cabinets as well as the floor. Now imagine different colors of limestone that will suit best and bring in the harmony. Think about styles or patterns or mixture of colors that will ultimately augment the look of your kitchen. This is why limestone is such a design flexible choice.

Try the European Style

If it is limestone then it looks like it is associated with old European style. It doesn’t normally go along with Tuscan or French style kitchens that in itself is another stylish choice. Knowing what style suits best with limestone backsplashes can help you decide on various other choice that you are about to bring in into your kitchen. What matters in the kitchen décor is not only the backsplashes that will suit European style but other decors as well that will augment the look of the kitchen and set a true European theme, so go ahead and bring in some decors that suits the theme.

Limestone Backsplash

A mix of Colors

Limestone is available in a wide array of assorted colors that are of natural shades to choose from. You may want to go in for a single monochromatic design or try combining colors and form a mosaic colors that will be far more appealing and attractive then monotones. Consider either mixing shades at random giving a totally mosaic pattern or arrange the colors in shades of repeating pattern. But always make sure the color combinations are just perfect and go well with the rest of the décor or take care that the design is not overdone.

Use a Subtle Approach

There are different forms of limestone like the tumbled or the natural raw ones. Tumbled limestone has a much smoother finish but a dull look as compared to natural limestone. If you want a subtle and delicate design then the tumbled limestone is a good choice. Its soft color and natural feel is no match for other materials in the range.

The Pros and Cons

Huge imestone backsplash

Limestone might be a natural option that is a good choice for many home owners but it has some negative sides that should be taken into account before finally deciding on it. As it is natural it does not have a smooth and clean finish like glass tiles. Its rough finish may be a different in its look from the rest but it requires special attention when installing. Limestone is not as hard as natural stones and can absorb moisture if creeks and gaps are present when being installed.

Ceramic Tile Backsplashes

Ceramic tiles are available in many shades that you can choose from but installing it all over the floor or wall can make it look too tight and crowded. Installing it in kitchen and bathroom suits best for such materials.

Ceramic tile kitchen backsplash

As the material is durable they are used in areas where there are chances of getting soiled like the sink area or the backsplash behind the stove. It can very efficiently keep the wall safe from any damage caused by splatter from the sink or the fumes and hot splatter from pans and stoves.

Installing ceramic tile backsplashes in the bathroom can really protect the plaster walls of your bathroom and it is really necessary in such places. Having a water resistant paint is not just enough to protect the wall from the moisture and water that a bathroom is associated with. Having ceramic tiles installed will not only protect the wall but will give a pleasant look of the room. As there are numerous patterns and designs with ceramic tiles it is an easy choice for many homeowners.

Whatever may be the case whether it is bathroom or the kitchen you should always consider the color, design and pattern of the tiles before finally deciding on one type. Think of the size too as it matters with the space available. If you install large tiles in a small area it will not be appealing as installing with a smaller or medium sized tiles. Make sure that the patterns are not too overdone and the whole set up looks too congested.


In case if you have decided to install ceramic tile backsplashes in the kitchen then consider putting it all around the space behind the stove as this will eventually help in keeping the walls safe and giving the kitchen a cleaner look. Choose designs and patterns that go well with the floor and countertop. And lastly you may consider installing it around the sink area too.

Marble Backsplashes

The marble mosaic backsplash can suit well with the type of decors that the Greeks and Romans are associated with in old times. It is a popular choice of many home owners as the material is totally natural and has an aesthetic appeal on its own that is unique.


A Quick Overview

The marble mosaic backsplash design is based on close interlocking stones that fit itself so well with the rest of the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle piece. The pieces are mounted over a tile that is mesh backed. There are a number of sources from where you can acquire the marble mosaic stones go for the best and affordable ones. The tiles can not only be installed on backsplashes but on countertops, floors, patios etc.

Classy marble backsplash

Advantages of marble mosaic

Here are some advantages of installing a marble mosaic backsplash in the kitchen:

  • – It provides a luxurious look that is natural and yet appealing
  • – The marble mosaic is impermeable to water and also other liquids that are common in the kitchen
  • – It can be easily installed without much modification of existing surface.

Some Useful Maintenance Tips

  • – While installing it is best to use cement powders than to go for readymade and ready to use grout.
  • – After installation, wait for the glue and adhesive to dry up so that grouting can be carried out.
  • – Make sure that the stones do not weather by applying sealant after every two to three years to make the edges impermeable to liquids and cleaning solutions.
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