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While renovating your kitchen, special attention should be given to the kitchen cabinets. They are highly functional and most striking and appealing to the eyes. The only problem is that they are big on cost as well. Cabinets alone can form the majority of the total expenditure, irrespective of your planned budget for renovation.

Cabinets could appear to be nothing less than big cases with doors, yet their costs will leave us stumped. Special skills are needed to build cabinets. The joins and corners of the cabinet should be tightly fixed as some parts will not fit correctly if other part is off. The kind of wood and the finishing used on it, all come with a different bill.

white-kitchen-cabinets Marvelous kitchen cabinets

Even so, you can obtain the best possible cabinets for your kitchen in your planned budget. Following are some tips that will come handy.

The Fundamentals

Before you head shopping for kitchen cabinets, it is advisable to understand what sort of a cabinet you require. It is always better to familiarize yourself with the jargons used by the sales person.

Base Cabinets

It is the lower portion of the cabinet which is in direct contact with the floor. This lower portion will outline your complete kitchen design.


Wall cabinets

These suspend on the wall and are placed right overhead the foundation Cabinets. Some parts of your cabinet like the sink area will have only the base cabinet with no wall cabinet hanging on top of it.



It is the abbreviation used for Medium Density Fiber board cabinet.


Framed Cabinets

They give a conventional touch to your cabinets. Most cabinet boxes are framed from the outside, and around each cabinet door.


Frameless Cabinets

These are cabinets without the framing. They have doors placed side by side and drawers placed against each other without any segregating frame. On a whole you’ll only be able to see the doors and drawers. The cabinet box will not be visible as such.


10 by 10 Standards

It simply refers to the standard size of 10-foot base cupboards and ten-foot wall cabinets. This is the standard measurement of kitchen cabinets used by manufacturers. You can get them customized to fit in your kitchen, according to your preference and choice of measurement.


Buying The Cabinets

While purchasing a cabinet you have to go through different steps as well. You will save some money, if you choose to assemble pre- cut portions of the cabinet. The cabinets are the central focus of your kitchen; therefore you might want to get them directly assembled and installed by suppliers. To help you with your choice, here are a few descriptions.

Cabinet manufacturers supply Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets. In case the manufacturer does not incur labor expenses, the extra money saved here will be given back to you.


Without doubt, RTA cabinets will save you from additional expenditure but before you begin with the kitchen remodeling you must find the cabinet you want to install. You will need some time to assemble your RTA cabinets. By then you can change the flooring, papering or wall painting.

Make space in the basement or any room in the house to assemble these cabinets. After they have been put together they will be hefty and cumbersome and you may need a few people to shift them about. Also, keep in mind the fact that you will have to get them from side to side of the door into the kitchen once they have been assembled.

Factory-Assembled or Stock Cabinets are shipped directly and are fully manufactured in the factory itself. It is the best option for those who lack time, space and the talent to assemble things. You will be provided with a team or other arrangements will be made, to do the work for you.

Semi-custom cabinets are also produced by manufacturers in a big number. These are slightly more flexible as you get to choose your measurements, finishes, trims and moldings. These are also installed by dealers.


Custom cabinets are fully customized cabinets. Here you get the liberty to choose your designs and get them manufactured and installed. Hiring an expert cabinet maker will give you an endless variety of choices at substantial expenses.


An average budget can be estimated from each type of a kitchen cabinet. Here is a thorough description of the different type with the expected cost of a standard 10×10 cabinet.

The least costly are the RTA cabinets. The frameless cabinets have drawers with metal sides and three-quarter inch melamine. The expenditure is the least here as you save labor expenses. The expected price of an RTA standard 10x 10 cabinets will be $700.00.


Stock cabinets use better materials and are installed upon delivery to your home. It is made up of a face frame of about three- quarter inch piece of hard board, half-inch board flanks and hard board bordered doors. You will still be left with a choice of finishes or stains, therefore the price will vary from $3,600 to about $4,320 for a 10x 10 cabinet.

Semi-custom cabinets have half-inch plywood and three-quarter inch face frame. Drawers are made up of half-inch hardwood and the doors are border and sheet hardwood. These are delivered and installed so the prices vary from $4,500 to about $5,400.

Custom cabinets provide the similar half inch plywood and three-quarter inch face frame. Drawers are merged of five by eight inch hardwood and the doors are border and board hardwood. For standard cabinets the price is estimated at $12,000 to about $14,000

Once you are equipped with these jargons and have a fair idea of what they do to your financial plan, you are currently prepared to set out and look for the ideal kitchen cabinet.

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