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The most used and frequented place in your house is the kitchen, due to which it is also revamped more often than the other rooms in the house. It could be that you are planning to alter the flooring of the kitchen and searching for safer options. After all kitchen flooring undergoes a lot of abrasion and deterioration even under the best of circumstances. Plenty of kitchen flooring options can be found in the markets which are budget friendly and available in a variety of choices.

Kitchen Flooring Options

You need to consider a lot of factors before deciding how to pick the right material for the kitchen flooring and most importantly which flooring material should you go for. Sometimes a tight budget could affect our power to think and choose prudently. Your main focus should be on the durability, maintenance, safety and other strengths of the flooring material before you consider the look and the budget. Reinstalling the kitchen flooring is anyway an expensive deal and added to that if you are not pleased with its look you may end up spending double or bearing with it for years to come.


There are better options which do not wear easily and are comfortable. Your kitchen flooring should be comfy and safe for your family members. Make sure you look for a kitchen flooring material which is anti- slip, particularly if you have children at home. Do not choose sleek tiles for your kitchen flooring where moisture makes them slippery. Also keep in mind the overall design and theme of your kitchen when choosing your flooring material.

Below are some popular flooring materials you can choose from:

Concrete Flooring:  Durable and perfect for hot weather conditions. It’s edgy and industrial chic but not a very cheap option, especially if you go for a distinct concrete finishing.


Ceramic Tile Flooring: These stand up to wear and tear and are really easy to clean which makes it a well- liked option for kitchen flooring. Ceramic tiles go easy on your pocket. A customized pattern is very much affordable even on a tight budget.


Laminate Flooring: Scratch proof and easy to clean laminate flooring is a perfect choice for those with kids and pets at home. It is easy to install as well and are moderately priced. For those wanting the look of tile or wood but cannot afford it, laminate flooring is a good alternative.


Rubber Flooring: Rubber is an anti- slip material and also easy to clean. Rubber flooring is commonly found in the kitchens of restaurants but is also a great option for your kitchen flooring. It can be really expensive considering the fact that you will have to hire professionals to do it as they are not easy to install.


Travertine Floors: Travertine is a tough material which can handle acid cleaning as well. It is a little expensive as it is a natural stone but the overall look of travertine flooring that you get is completely worth it.


Vinyl Flooring: Another option, Vinyl flooring in kitchen is in vogue and is so much in demand. It is very much affordable, hassle-free maintenance and a durable material for your kitchen. The material is tough and resilient. Moreover, it is offered in a range of colors, patterns and textures. It is also water resistant and spill proof. It is one of the best option for a family with kids.


Wooden Flooring: Wood being the warmest material is probably the best option for kitchen flooring in a cold climate region. It looks admirable and can be done in various patterns and designs. The most economical material for kitchen flooring would be linoleum wood. It is eco-friendly as it is made up of all natural materials like wood flour, linseed, ground limestone, and pine resin. Linoleum wood flooring is beneficial due to its durability and easy to maintain factor. It is available in a wide range of colors giving you more choices to pick a color that goes best with the overall theme and décor of kitchen in your home.


Stone flooring: A well appreciated option, i.e. stone flooring of kitchen is irreplaceable in terms of elegance and style. Probably still the best option for houses in the tropical climate zone. It is very robust and long lasting. You can pick your stone from a variety of options like granite, limestone, and slate. They have a very low maintenance and look great in a larger area. Particularly slate floor are anti- slip and look incredibly gorgeous as kitchen flooring.


Bamboo Floors: Bamboo flooring is the latest style for the kitchen area. Its USP is that it can provide you with the look of wooden flooring at a much affordable price. Bamboo is the best substitute for wood as it takes comparatively lesser time to cultivate after harvest, thus making it an environment friendly material.


Cork Flooring: Kitchen cork flooring is resilient, flexible and comfortable under your foot. Also dropped glasses and plates have a less tendency of breaking on a cork floor. Cork is rich in suberin, a waxy natural substance which keeps it protected against molds, pests, termites and rot. Cork is naturally flame retardant and non combustible making it a safe flooring option for the kitchen. Cork flooring is a suspended floor which is installed on a kind of substitute floor made of concrete, vinyl or wood.


Also you will have to frequently reseal cork with wax or polyurethane as it is prone to undergoing contraction and expansion with the changing weather conditions. It may get disfigured and scarred with grit and dirt, so you will have to make sure that you keep it clean and vacuum it at all times. Nevertheless, cork kitchen flooring looks distinctive and gives your kitchen décor a feel of warmth and freshness.

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