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Having a kitchen island is great for your kitchen but having the right one with respect to size, look and design matters with the total look of the room.

Since it is a common feature to have a kitchen island, manufacturers are now a days fabricating islands that can suit with any design and interior themes that a modern home may have.

To install a kitchen island you need not necessarily have a new kitchen. Old type homes are often associated with unmanaged floor space that goes wasted often. Having a kitchen island will not only augment the look but also will enhance the space utility of the kitchen.

island_wood Wooden kitchen island design

Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen island is made for different shapes of the kitchen that you already have. Shapes such as a G, U or L are common sight in kitchen designs. It is good to consider the shape and size of the kitchen also before choosing the type of island that you need to install. Keep in mind about the size of the island and the room so that you still have enough space for free movement after installation.

If the kitchen island that you are installing has a spot for cooking top and oven, it is advisable to have an extractor hood to take away the fumes and smoke generated during cooking. If installing a sink is your plan then have one that is suitable for the kind of utensils that is associated with a kitchen. It should be comfortable enough to wash crockeries and utensils with ease. You may also want to have a waste bin under the sink which is inconspicuous and hidden by a door.

kitchen_island_white White modern island for the kitchen

Fitting in some Additional Features

Some extra space saving options is like adding in space. Like a cooking facility over the counter needs additional space for keeping the materials required for cooking and after cooking. Think of keeping some area free around the stove so that you are never running around trying to keep the hot pan in your hand or keeping the cookbook open for a hearty wholesome meal.

Having a kitchen island installed has multiple benefits starting right from the overall vie enhancement and giving your kitchen a very sophisticated and maintained look to adding the extra jingle in the real estate market. A kitchen with such infrastructure instantly allows a higher price quote in the market.

kitchen-island-ideas-2 Island with breakfast area

Seeing is believing, although you have read many points on how a kitchen island should be designed and how important it is to have one you might still need to visit your local home improvement store to have a glimpse of various kitchen island designs. This will help you make the right decision on which type and design will suit the best.

Style that Matches the Size

Whether to install a small and functional kitchen island or have a large one with abundant space is a decision made depending upon the space that is available in hand. A large one is always preferred as it will obviously provide you with ample space and keep the cooking and dining area apart.

island_dining_combination Island with dining table combination

Installing a breakfast bar along with some modern appliances is a good design choice to achieve the perfect triangle of sink-stove-refrigerator.

If you have an apartment that is an open space style then you will surely benefit from having a kitchen island installed to keep the kitchen from the living area.

For smaller space there is a wheeled kitchen island that allows you to gently tuck away the much needed structure into an unused corned and make way for meals to be served. Island which are small yet functional are most preferred and all the more if it is movable like a wheeled one.

small-kitchen-island Small and practical island for the kitchen

Many kitchen island designs are available to fit in the kitchen design plan that you have. Whether it be Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic, African or Italian, you say it and you have a complementing design ready to be installed.

Kitchen island that are available in the market these days are normally made of wood. Woods such as Maple, Birch and certain exotic ones that are plantation grown are most regularly used. Woods can be combined with other materials like stainless steel to give a more modern look. For easy maintenance and cleaning the countertops can be made of granite or marble and if you want a very professional look as in many restaurants you may consider installing a stainless steel top.

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