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Modular kitchen designs are the latest trend when renovating your kitchen, whether you have a large kitchen or a smaller one these are being adopted around the world. In case you have not yet heard of them, a modular kitchen is where a kitchen has been designed and pre-made and then is assembled or fitted when in the house. It is the opposite of kitchen customized and built on site. You the buyer can look at various materials, designs, sizes and then choose a pre-built kitchen you like which is delivered to you and put together in your kitchen. There are several benefits to getting a modular kitchen. It is more cost effective so good for people who want a new kitchen but are working on a limited budget. Despite being pre-built because of the various ways you can combine units, materials and finishes you can still get a personalized kitchen. Plus modular kitchen designs are for small kitchens as well as larger. Key to getting your small kitchen just perfect are three factors, storage, lighting and appliances.

modular-small-kitchen Kitchen with wooden cabinets

Advantages to using modular kitchen designs for small kitchens

  • You can really maximize the space you have with some carefully planning and choices
  • Cleaning and maintaining are easy
  • Budget friendly options
  • Modern designs
  • Large variety of colors and styles
  • Easy and quick to install
  • These may be pre-made but they are still of good quality and are durable
  • You get your choice of cabinets, counter tops and essential equipment all in one go
  • While some modular kitchen designs usually have standard floor plans, there are some retailers that can work with you to make changes for your smaller needs
  • The ultimate way to get a well organized kitchen design

More on designing small kitchens:

Small modular kitchen design options – cabinets

As mentioned there are many different options you can choose from and combine to create the specific look you want. Various types of upper and lower cabinets as well as full ones, different finishes, counter tops, hardware options and fixings like handles. You can choose from double or single door cabinets, with glass panels, beveled edges or smooth and so on. For a smaller room consider looking at lighter colors and materials as these will give an impression of more space than there really are. Glass doors are great if you have items in that cupboard you want on display like your good china. Glass can be etched or frosted. The box of the cabinets has holes already pre-drilled inside for shelving, and you the buyer decide how many shelves you want and where to place them. You may want to consider getting doors and drawers with hidden handles so that the space is not broken up by knobs sticking out.

simple-and-small Mix of brown and yellow color for the cabinets

If storage is a problem, which it often is in a small kitchen you may want to think about getting stacking cabinets. They are smaller and thinner than regular cabinetry and they can be stacked on a counter. Many people use them to store things you will reach for each day like coffee mugs, or spices. For storage lower down you will want to look at floor or lower cabinets, like ones you may want to have under your sink. Narrow floor cabinets can be used to install pull out wire shelves so that it can act is a small pantry. There are really a surprising variety of cabinets to think about;

  • plain basket kitchen cabinet
  • single side pullout
  • partition basket
  • multipurpose pullout
  • double basket or triple basket
  • four way corner cabinet
  • magic corner cabinet

Accessories for smaller kitchens

When you are getting your kitchen built or renovated often you have to plan out several things, the cabinets and work tops, floors, then decide on appliances separately. With a modular kitchen you choose a kitchen design that includes all of it. You get an electric or gas stove and hob, cooker hood, fridge and so on. In a small kitchen be sure to look at compact kitchen appliances and make sure things are positioned so that you can easily work in the space and be efficient in your movements. Also try to stick to ones you are actually going to use on a regular basis, you do not have the luxury of space to fill with appliances you will rarely use.

kitchen-accessories Essential accessories for the kitchen

Modular kitchen counter tops

Just as with shopping for a regular kitchen, you can choose the material your counter tops are made from with modular designs too. Granite, concrete, marble, tiled, steel and even glass are all options. For a small kitchen have deep counter tops so that you increase your workspace and can fit in those smaller items like a kettle and toaster. If cabinet space is taken you might think about having pots and pans hanging over a counter top or use the cabinet doors to hand utensils from.

kitchen-countertop-modular Wonderful kitchen with granite counter top

Using lighting to make the space feel larger

light-pendant-kitchen-lighting Light pendant lighting

In a smaller kitchen how you use lighting to your advantage will play a key role in giving it feeling of space. Consider having under cabinet or under counter lighting to add to the illusion the room is larger than it really is. Try to have as much natural lighting as possible.

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