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When it is time to get your ideal fitted kitchen there are a few things to think about before you make your choices depending on budget and needs. A kitchen renovation can be as small as putting a new coat of paint in the walls, changing door knobs and handles and tidying the place up a little to something more grand like having it completely guttered and new appliances and cupboards and everything else put in. What steps you take to get your ideal kitchen are up to you but for something completely new, modern and geared specifically towards your needs the most satisfying outcome would be to have a new fitted kitchen installed.

There are several things that need to be considered during such a large project though. What may be needed are professionals with knowledge about electrics, plumbing and gas mains. While there are some things a person can tackle themselves when re-decorating, those specific areas need skilled workers to avoid potential accidents. There is also something to be said for hiring a carpenter to make sure everything is fitted correctly rather than having the odd hole here and there where a measurement was inaccurate or an error was made. Hiring skilled labor will of course add to the cost of your ideal fitted kitchen, but it would mean a better chance at getting what you have dreamed of and avoid disappointment.

fitted kitchen

Another very good reason for bringing in the experts is the time factor. When you try taking on things you have no experience with it can make a job take twice as long so your kitchen instead of being ready in 4 weeks could drag on and on. And if you bring them in after the fact when you have already tried at something and messed it up, they are going to have to spend time and extra money undoing or repairing your mistakes before they can even start on the actual job that needs doing.

Pre-fabricated kitchens have a few benefits. They are already to be installed so this lower the time it takes to put them in as well the cost of the kitchen. It also means you can visit show rooms and actually walk through different kitchens to see what they actually look like and if they work for you. You know you are getting kitchen designs that work, that other people have had installed and worked for them, but you can play around with colors and other variations and designs so that it suits your personal taste.

With a company that has a good reputation and good customer reviews you can feel secure about your investment. And by purchasing everything, cabinets, appliances and so on all from the same place you should be able to get a discount on that.

Finding the Right Kitchen Company

As mentioned if you want the right luxurious kitchen installed in decent time and with skill you need to find the right company to deal with. If you have friends or family that have had a kitchen fitted with great success ask them who they dealt with. If you hear horror stories about certain companies be sure to avoid them. If you do not have anyone who can give a personal reference nowadays you have the internet. It is a great place you can sit in the comfort of your own home and do some comparative shopping. There are a large number of companies that offer the service of fitting kitchens but make sure you find someone fairly local at least. You can do that by doing a geo-targeted search with terms like ‘fitted kitchen London’ or ‘luxury kitchens Montreal’.

wooden prefab kitchen

Good companies will have a large range of styles on offer that can suit anyone’s preferences and allow details to be adjusted so you can add your own stamp on it. There will be many colors and finishes and you will find the perfect kitchen whether you want contemporary, traditional, sleek and chic, rustic, modern and so on. Make sure you spend a good portion of time looking through websites and brochures to compare prices, the services that are offered and look at the photos. When you have narrowed down your options to two or three companies contact them and have someone come to see you at your convenience to talk about what you are looking for. It is also a good idea to visit the companies too to see their show rooms.

The kitchen is an important room in the house. It gets a lot of traffic and you spend a good portion of your time there. Take the time you need to ensure you have looked at all your options. Know what things are on your need list and what things are on your want list. Write them all down so that you remember to go over them with each company. From there you will get an idea of which company is best suited to you.

Think about your flooring

If you are getting the perfect fitted kitchen you need to make sure the flooring is right too. It needs to be something durable and strong as your appliances will be sitting on top of it and traffic will be in and out of it every day. Make sure your flooring is completed properly before the kitchen is installed. The conditions in a kitchen are unlike the rest of the house, it can get moist there and warm so carpeting is not a good idea. Not only would it be prone to mold it would also trap odors from the cooking in it and spills would make it difficult to keep clean.

oak fitted

A better option is something that is easy to clean, solid and can handle the heat and moisture. There are a range of options depending on your budget – vinyl or lino is a common and cheaper kitchen flooring option and comes in a wide range of colors and styles. It also usually comes with padding so it feels softer to walk on and it reduces the noise of people walking around on it. Or you could opt for floor tiles if you have a higher budget though these can be cold in the winter months. Stone and marble floor tiles are popular but porcelain is less costly. Be careful though make sure you get anti slip tiling.

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