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Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Saving space is always a smart option these days when you cannot afford a large apartment or a house with ample space. Since expanding the house is not an option to accommodate everything that you need, organizing it in a smart way is the need of the hour. This goes with the laundry room where it is always messy.

How To Organize The Laundry Room

laundry-room-organization First thing to manage the clutter are hampers where you can throw in all the soiled fabrics until they find their way into the washing machine. Now, where to keep the hampers? Place it in each bedroom neatly tucked away in a corner so that members of the house do not throw in the dirty linen in the laundry room directly. Place one in the bathroom too so that towels and other bath associated fabrics can be accommodated. And what more, kitchen too needs a hamper for the soiled dish towels. Hampers are a great way to organize your soiled clothes. They will help to organize clothes in one place and keep the room organized and maintained.

You definitely do not want to have your favorite white shirt branded pink. So to avoid this, what can you do? Place a laundry separator to keep the colored and the whites separately. Have different colored laundry separators for different colors or label it well so that you can distinguish the whites and different colors. This will not only make the work more simple when you finally enter the laundry room but will make the room much more organized and clutter free.

Not all laundry needs a hanger. Some are best kept folded. Therefore, have a small table placed in the laundry room so that you can fold the bed spread or the towel neatly. This table can be independent if you have space or can serve dual purpose of a table for ironing. If you still want to save some more space then, the table can be attached to the wall and kept folded when not in use.

Plan on installing a small cabinet above the washing machine and the dryer so that you can keep the laundry chemicals in place. This will save you considerable amount of time on fiddling for the right chemical. Keeping those chemicals on top of the dryer or the washing machine will make you frustrating. So be smart and keep the things in the right place.

small-laundry-room-using-hanger-shelves Make full use of hangers and shelves to keep things organized

When clothes are washed and folded you do not want them to end up falling on the floor. So, keep another set of small baskets or trays under the ironing table for each member of the family. This will make it easy for respective owners to take their own clothes back in the room instead of looking for each one from the pile.

organized-laundry-room Organized laundry room

As with kitchen, having wall cabinets around the walls of your laundry room will add in more storage space. This will help you keep your room neat and clean and well organized. For example, detergents and fabric softener can go in one place; ironing materials can be placed in a shelf etc. Organizing the laundry materials will help you find the right material without having to look for it.

laundry-room-wall-cabinet Wall cabinet

Certain laundry need not be folded and best kept hung on a hanger. For the purpose install some hooks that will hold the clothes and hangers after ironing. Hooks can be a cheaper option to cabinets for the same purpose. Shelves can also be installed in the laundry room if cabinets are not in your budget.

If you have installed shelves then boxes can be an additional way to keep your things organized. Free up space from the shelves. Laundry rooms are often left unattended as it does not open up to visitors and rarely do you clean up the shelves. Go ahead, and discard all the unnecessary bottles and containers that you have been keeping after the content is used up. This will help you clean up space that can be available for some other purpose.

spacious-laundry-room Inspiring and spacious laundry room

As mentioned before, laundry separators or sorters are always great companion in the laundry room. It helps you keep your clothes organized and saves you time. It keeps the clothes in a neat bunch of similar fabrics and can straight away be thrown into the washer.

Like the folding table, an ironing table is a must. If it can serve both purposes then it is well and fine otherwise think of installing a table that can be fitted like a drawer or installed on the wall that can be folded when not in use.

ironing-board-laundry-room Ironing board in the laundry room

After the clothes are washed and spun you still need place for them to be kept before finding its way into the dryer finally. For the purpose try fitting a rod that will hold the clothes for a while. This will not only keep the clothes free of wrinkles that will arise due to dumping but can also be a means to drip dry the clothes in case it is needed. You can also considering a cloth rack near the dryer.

Remember the bills and coins and keys that are kept in the pocket and goes in the washer? It is a common phenomenon in every home. So keep a small container or a bowl that can accommodate this kind of stray items. Laundry rooms need to be kept clean. So do not forget to mop the floor regularly and make sure there is adequate light for work.