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The living room is not just important because it is the place the family gathers together, it is also a room you bring guests into. It is therefore somewhere that needs to be inviting, but still reflects you and your style. The color you paint it and the overall color scheme and style you use play a pivotal role in the feel of your living room. You can hire professional interior designers to work with who will create a color scheme they believe reflects what you want, or you can do some research and work out what it is you want yourself.

Color Schemes and Combinations for a Living Room

Color scheme options are about shade, texture and tones as well as actual colors. The scheme of the room involves planning the wall color, ceiling color, trim and skirting board colors as well as the floor, furniture, lighting, furnishings and knickknacks. All of these things need to work together to create the look and ambiance you are hoping for. Your choices may also affect the value of your house, if you intend to live there for a number of years still you can be more personal and unique. Be eclectic and mix styles if you want to, have a modern color scheme with antique pieces of furniture or a rustic colored room with some modern art pieces. If you are planning on re-selling create something more neutral.

modern-living-room-color Modern minimalistic living room color scheme

There are several ways to approach this project and none of them are the right or wrong way. If you are starting from scratch and have yet to get anything to fill the room with you can take a color scheme and style you like, decorate the room and then purchase items that fit. If you have certain pieces of existing furniture you are keeping you can choose a color scheme for your living room based on key colors this already has. For example if you have an oriental red and black rug you intend to lay in the center of the room, you could go with an oriental theme and use red on the walls, have gold accents in the room, use black frames. If you have a blue couch you love, you could choose a Mediterranean style, have turquoise walls, green cushions, blue curtains and so on. If one of your primary intentions is to make the room feel larger choose a light scheme, if it is to make it more cozy and smaller choose a darker scheme. For more information on the different living room styles and types of color schemes, visit this living room style page.

Options for color combinations

There are so many color combinations and schemes you can choose from but here a few to inspire you.

Browns and Moody Blues – Larger rooms can handle darker colors quite well, and even work in smaller rooms if you want a cozy feel. Paint the walls a navy blue and then have a brown floor, brown wooden furniture and wooden picture frames.

browns-moody-blues-scheme Brown and moody color scheme

Black, Beige and Navy Blue – Paint the walls with the blue color, use spots of black in black and white cushions and curtains for example and have black frames for pictures. Beige would be in a center rug, the couch and other furniture.

black-navy-blue-scheme Blue and black combination

Gold, Peacock Blue and Grey – Choose either a light grey or a white for the walls. Have one block of a wall or a smaller recess area covered in a blue and gold wallpaper (called a feature wall), a grey carpet with blue couch.

blue-grey-living-room Blue and grey combination

Pink and Mint Green – A unique color scheme for a living room using pastel pink and green. Have green walls and then a rug with both colors in and pink chairs or couch. Have glass ware in pink or green on display.

pink-mint-green Pink and mint green for a feminine look

Just Pink – Even bolder! Use a pastel or soft pink for the walls and then have splashed of hot pink in the rest of the room, a chair, cushions, wall art, even a chandelier!

pink-living-room Lovely pink

Berrylicious – Raspberry and blueberry colors with mint green touches. Use the bold colors on the walls and then use furnishings as a way to tone it down a little.

raspberry-living-room-color Raspberry red wall

Red and Cream – Cream walls with red chairs, white or cream curtains and cushions, wooden flooring with a cream rug.

cream-wall-color Wall with cream color

Red, Yellow and Orange – White walls, and then pops of yellow, red and orange in the room. Yellow decorative bottles, a red rug, orange throw for the neutral grey couch.

white-yellow-combination Mix of white and yellow

Green and Black – Green walls and ceiling, lighter green and white curtains, a feature wall using black wallpaper, a green and black rug over a wooden floor.

green-black-combo Green and black combination

Turquoise and Green – Creating the feeling of outdoors and the sea with white walls, green curtains, a green chair and then turquoise artwork, cushions and decorative items.

turquoise-green White & turquoise green combination

Gold and Burnt Orange – Warm rustic shades for your living room would work beautifully. Have cream or beige walls, then gold and orange curtains and cushions on cream couch, gold hints in a coffee table, an orange lamp.

gold-orange-living-room Gold and orange color combination

Lemon and Orange – White walls with bright shades of lemon yellow and citrus orange. Yellow poofs, an orange chair, yellow vase, orange and white curtains.

white-lemon-yellow White & lemon yellow combination

purple-black-living-room Purple & black combo for the living room

Purple and Black – A glamourous look created by having cool grey walls and carpet, black and white couch with purple cushions, black framed pictures or mirror.

Shades of Blue – Blue would create a tranquil living room and is popular amongst many home owners today. Use a very light shade of blue on the ceiling like a light eggshell blue and then use a deeper blue on the walls. Paint moldings white or if you want to be a little different choose a third darker shade of blue to paint them with.

shades-of-blue Blue color theme

Navy, Turquoise and Pink – Create a living room that is both bright and spacious combining the masculine color of navy, the feminine color of pink and turquoise to bring the two together. A white ceiling will give the room a sense of height.

blue-pink-living-room Mix of blue & pink

Turquoise, Neon Yellow and Slate Grey – Paint the walls in a slate grey to create a fantastic backdrop for the brighter and cheerful colors of yellow and turquoise. A turquoise couch with neon yellow cushions would look great and then have other touches in the room in the form of a large decorative vase and modern glass side tables.

blue-yellow-grey-mix Navy blue, yellow & grey decor

Black, White and Powder Blue – Black and white is a classic scheme on its own but if you want to have some color going on in the room try powder blue. Have powder blue walls and then use furnishings, the couch and other furniture that are black and white. Add small powder blue touches in the form of knickknacks or cushions to bring the blue from the walls into the room.

black-white-blue-wall Black & white with blue wall

blue-green-mix Soft blue wall color

Grass Greens and Soft Blues – Paint the walls a soft blue color, the moldings white and then use grass greens in the room as accent pieces. Green cushions for example, a green throw, or even a green ottoman.

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