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Some people call it the living room, some call it the family room, or the lounge. Whatever you call it in your house it is probably the most used room of the house and the place you spend the most time as a family. Since it is such an important place for you and your loved ones it is important to consider the color scheme and arrangement of furniture in terms of Feng Shui if you want to ensure you create the best environment for your health and happiness. With some research and planning your living room can become a harmonious place where you feel at peace and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an Eastern method of looking at where to place things around you to create best flow of energy for your well being. It is popularly used in the West too in homes, office buildings, and many other places. Energy can be affected by color schemes too, a living room that has too many fiery colors like reds may leave you with a feeling of too much going on and being burned out. This can be calmed by bringing in coolness with some blue accessories. On the flip side, a room with too much blue in it may be cold and a place you feel unwelcome in and it needs to be warmed up, perhaps with a red and orange print.

feng-shui-living-room Feng Shui living room design

Color and its role

In Feng Shui there are no set colors as such. But color has a big impact on it affects people in the room and this guide offers you tips on what each color means. This way you can create a color scheme that suits you and the style you want. Color schemes for the living room include paint color choices, wallpaper choices, as well as color you use in the room. The energy of the room is directly related to the color scheme chosen, for example if you have too much white in a room this would be considered to have too much Yang, to add some Yin you would need to re-balance the room with more color so that the energy stays positive. A colored wall hanging for example would work.

feng-shui-color Feng shui color scheme

Earthy colors make your room more cozy and welcoming and would give your family stability and security. If energy needs to be balanced further mirrors and lighting would be a great option. Light colors reflect positive energy back to the room’s users, too many dark colors can cause feelings of tension which over time can cause some mental and physical health issues. If you are looking at dark colors choose a pastel version of it as an alternative.

More color ideas are available here:


Balance and Harmony

One scheme you could choose that works well for Feng Shui because of its harmony and balance is to have a dark color for the floors, moving up the walls choose a mid tone color, then for the ceiling have it the lightest shade. For example a dark wooden flooring mid brown or beige walls up to a cream or white ceiling. It gives the feeling of being nourished by the earth and then growing into the light above. However in order to make a final decision have a look at what colors are associated with what kind of energy.

Black and blue (water energy) – Blue’s physical affect is that it will slow down the breathing and heart rate and helps lower high blood pressure. They are water energy and help us focus on tasks, particularly creative ones, and to meditate and relax. If you want to create a feeling of privacy and coolness these are the colors to use in your color scheme.

black-blue-scheme Black & blue combination

Green (wood energy) – Green colors create a growth energy encouraging you to make decisions about matters and take action. It is a good color to motivate people to make changes in their lives.

green-paint Green wall

Red (fire energy) – Red colors are high energy and encourage you to be active, passionate and loving. It is the color of blood so physically it increases heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. It is a good choice for people suffering from depression.

red-feng-shui-color Red color to represent the fire energy

Yellow (earth energy) – Yellow colors in the living room would make it cheerful, help make the mind clear and ready for mental activity. It symbolizes Mother Earth embodying her nurturing and stability aspects. If you have young ones with dyslexia a yellow room will help them focus as they study.

yellow-living-space-color Yellow for cheerful color

Metallic and White (metal energy) – This energy enhances purity, focus and being careful.

metalic-white Metal element in the color scheme

Combination colors are when colors are combined to create a new one, the energies are combined also. For example:

Salmon – a mix of yellow and orange or red and orange meaning a blend of earth and fire. The room would be uplifting, would encourage people in it to talk to each other and create a sense of bountifulness.

yellow-red-combo Yellow and red color scheme

Lavender – a mix of blue and purple would create a calm environment, a place of contemplation. People feeling stressed when sitting in this room would feel an inner peace seeping in.

lavender-paint Lavender colored wall

turquoise-living-room Turquoise living room

Turquoise – a mix of blue and green, wood and water. A place of thought and growth.

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