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A condo is a style statement and designed for modern living but can be really dull if not decorated the right way. Whether you hire a professional for the job or you do it yourself, the condo should be attractive and give a welcoming note to the occupant and the visitor. Doing it yourself can be more fun and money saving but you requires some professional tips just to make sure you are doing it alright.

Condo Living Room Decorating Ideas

Keep it to the essentials

Condo should be spacious and make sure you do not compromise on space by overdoing the room décor. There is always a compromise on space when you consider a condo and a traditional home so the thumb rule is keep what you require and keep out the unnecessary. A coffee table is all the way not necessary and sofas can be intelligently replaced with sleek modern love chairs. A coffee table can be replaced with a smaller side table and keep out the unwanted accessories. Keeping only the required item will ensure you have space saved.


Choosing the right furniture

Furniture that are not bulky and still serve the purpose need to be selected for the condo living. Even better if the furniture can be multifunctional like a chair that can be used as a storage and keep books too underneath. A table that has a closet can also serve dual purpose. The mantra for furnishing your condo room is to select sleek and multifunctional furniture that saves space as well as money to you.


Select the shade of the wall

Having dark colors painted in a condo will make the room look smaller virtually. Try light and neutral colors that will enlarge an enclosed space and will also reflect lots of light. Colors such as shades of yellow has its own charismatic look and gives a feel of warmth to the occupant. As with any home décor a color of the paint can speak the owners’ mind so be smart on choosing the right color to decorate the condo.


The reflectors

With the limited space of a condo, you would definitely like to have a larger look of your room. Installing mirrors will not only make the room look more spacious but also will reflect light that will make the space brighter. Just ensure that the mirrors are installed at the right spots and it is not overdone.


Make use of the windows

Windows are open space to the eye so make full use of the windows. Keep them open so that you do not feel enclosed in a small space. Accessorize the windows with light curtains instead of blinds or solid linen that may block entry of light. If at all it is possible with you it is best to not use any curtains at all and keep them open to the outside. However, privacy may be an issue in such cases.


Using the smart rugs


Rugs can add a feel of luxury to any home. Adding rugs in your condo will definitely bring in a sense of luxury and comfort. And to make more out of using rugs, you may consider using two instead of one. This can be done by placing the two rugs apart with enough distance, this will make the room look larger. One edge of the rugs can touch the ends of an area and the middle space is kept empty to give a feel of space unutilized. Making use of a single rug can make you feel that there is a space limitation in the area.

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