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The living room is an important room in any home, whether it is a place for the family to gather together in it or a place you bring friends to chat to. There are a wide range of living room paint color schemes that can be used depending on your own preference and style. At one time black and white was a very popular paint color scheme in homes but other trends became more popular. Now it is back again and more people are looking at how to use this timeless color scheme in their living room.

Black and white gives a room a very classical and elegant feel to a room and while paint color obviously has a role in this scheme, furniture and decoration also plays a very important part. If done well your room will be something you are very proud of and excited to show off. Here are some ideas and things to think about as you plan your room.

Chic and modern living room color scheme Chic & modern

Decorating It Black & White

Painting the walls

Most people do not want to paint all of their walls black. If you are considering that take into account that dark colored walls will make the room feel smaller, so not a good idea of your room is physically on the small side. Also black walls will make the room feel very dark no matter how much natural light you get in there. On the flip side if you paint the walls all white while this will lighten up the room and make it feel more spacious, it may be too bright if you already have a very large room. You may then decide on mixing both white and black. You could create horizontal or vertical striping, have large blocks of each color, or have two walls black and two walls white. Flip through magazines and look for images online to get a sense of what your options might look like. More fabulous color schemes here.

Wall paint color Wall paint color for black & white scheme


There are obvious routes you can go with rugs or prints such as zebra. Have a zebra rug placed in the center of the floor and perhaps have pictures or prints up on the wall. If you want curtains you could have a white gauzy material to soften the room, but this will not be great for blocking light or offering privacy. If that is something you need look at white or black blinds.


Do not forget that your flooring needs to fit with your black and white theme. You have a few options here, blackened or painted wooden flooring, black or white carpeting, or perhaps floor tiles. The flooring you choose is about your budget, preference and how well used the living room is. Marbled tile flooring would look amazing but would cost a lot more. White tiling would make the room look bigger also. Carpeting would keep the room feeling a little softer and would be warmer on the feet but would show up specks of dirt and pet hair a lot more.

Carpet for black and white color theme Carpet color for black & white color scheme

Knickknacks and decorations

In a black and white color schemed living room the less clutter there is the better. Lots of knickknacks do not work with this style. Go with small groups of things, make sure any photos have black frames, have larger pieces of interest like a large white or black vase. Have a black touch lamp sitting on a white side table for a modern feel. Consider having one large picture on the wall rather than lots of smaller ones.


Obviously the furniture needs to fit in with the theme and you can get cushions to put on the couch and chairs. Make sure it is arranged so that guests and family can talk to each other easily but also so they can look at the features of your room. If you do not want to buy a brand new couch or chairs for this theme, consider re-covering them yourself or paying someone to do it for you. Have the TV mounted on the wall to give yourself more space or have it in a black TV cabinet that you can close the doors on when the TV is not in use.

furniture for black & white color scheme Furniture to fit this color scheme

Opting for a black and white themed living room is a unique and bold move. It will make the room feel contemporary yet timeless and says a lot about you the home owner. It is a great choice for anyone wanting to add sophistication to their living room and will surely be something your guests will love to see and talk about.

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