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The parlor, lounge or living room, indeed, is the face of your house. It’s the first place that your guests visit. Your lounge, parlor or living room can serve different functions depending on your home layout. It is used for reading, relaxing and mostly entertaining guests. However, it should also have a warm, comfortable touch to it to watch TV, play games and spend time with family.

Just take a quick glance around the living room and you perhaps, will see that there are many things that requisite to be modernized, but a full renovation job will make a huge hole in your pocket. So, you may check out some of the home garnishing tips in different magazines and also online web resources, which suits your budget.

budget-living-room Living room remodeling on a budget

Some ideas that you can also practice to impart on your living room completely is a new appearance, for visitors and household without expenditures and costs on renovation, are given below.

Eight Ways to remodel your living room on a Budget:

1. Paint

You could paint your lounge, parlor or living room with chic colors like peach, toast or burnt orange to give some warmth feel to it. Paint is able shelter different odd things. Paint can work wonders; especially your room walls are empaneled and look as if they were similar to the 60s. You also, can paint straight on the freshlining, or get them removed. To give some depth and interest, you may paint boards and also sleek them a harmonizing or balancing color. You can make your room look taller and brighter if you paint the ceiling of your room a shining white or use a gloomier dimness to bring a high ceiling to a down size.

stunning-living-room Stunning and modern living room idea

Use a paint to deliver your furniture an entirely new look; kick off the old superannuated paint, work on the boundaries for an antiqued form and add a new color. Use rag-rolling coupled with sponging techniques to give your walls a rich texture.

2. Tips on decorating the walls

Embellish your walls with some contemporary sketch or simply hand a mirror opposite to the furniture. You could also hang a cloth wall hanging or a handmade wall hanging above your furniture. The change in the atmosphere of the parlor, lounge or living room will leave you amazed.

budget-living-room-decorating Budget Living Room Decorating Tips

You could create a perfect impression and boast some unusual time you’ve spent with your friends and your family. Simply place the photographs in unique frames or make a collage of pictures and hang them on the walls of the parlor, lounge or living room. Clocks will also add elegance to the decoration of your house. A favorite can be a grand dad clock that can be free standing or can be mounted on the wall.

3. Window treatments can add a vast difference

If you have a big window with the parlor, lounge or living room, the key basis of natural sunlight and sheers, blinds, swags or thick drapes hang from the windows, think about window management that is more contemporary in look. Moreover, a drapery frill with fringes that droop a just over-the-top verge of the window can add contemporary appeal without obstructing any natural light flowing into your room.


4. Alter the Lighting of your living room

Notice the significant change in your lounge, parlor or living room by just altering the lighting. The dark corners of your sitting room can also be lightened up by placing additional flooring lamps in those areas.
Candles can be displayed to create a perfect warm atmosphere and lighten up your lounge, parlor or living room for a special event or set a perfect romantic mood for the evening.


5. Use Area Rugs Instead of Carpet

You may reconsidering before covering your floor with wall carpeting if you own a very large and vast living room, having more than one seating area. Area rugs not only add color to your décor but also define each seating area. They look great on hardwood or tile floors. Area rugs are also very useful if you happen to have small children who stain carpets easily.

area-rug Area rug for the living room

6. Rearrange the Furniture

If you’re in love with your lounge or parlor furniture, do not replace them instead you could rearrange them around a central point, as a big or huge window or a TV to get the most out of the space, luxury, ease and comfort.You can arrange your furniture in various isolated areas if you have a large living room.

7. Add Slipcovers and Pillows

Add pre-made slipcovers to change the color of your sofa and chairs. There is a wide enough range of styles and colors available, which will match your lounge, parlor or living room décor.


You could also decorate your home by adding large colorful pillows or some decorative throws on your sofa or chairs. This will give your lounge, parlor or living room a fresh new look and also go easy on your pocket as it is a little less expensive than slipcovers.

8. More Ideas on Decorating your Home

Set a decorative flower vase or silk flowers on the table very near to the entry door, this will provide your lounge, parlor or living room with natural beauty. Indoor water springs and statuaries are also becoming much popular day after day for home decoration. These are charming and add the uniqueness to your home décor.

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