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For many people the living room is the most used room of the house. It is a place where the family often gathers at the end of the day, shares stories, relaxes, reads or watches TV. However you use your living room it is a place that is decorated more often that other parts of the house for that very reason. When you decide you are ready to decorate your living room one decision you will be faced with, is what you are going to do with the walls. While wallpapering is one option, many choose to paint their walls, as there is such a wide range of choices in color, types and it is also easier to work with if you have a lower budget.

Painting Ideas That Will Create Amazing Living Rooms

It may sound like a simple thing, choosing a color to paint your living room, but it is quite an important decision considering how much time you spend in that room and how much impact color can have. But the time you spend looking at the wide range of options you are faced with will be worth it when you have the perfect color. A color you have chosen for your kitchen or bedroom may not be the best choice for your living room. Here are some tips to help with the process.

Living room color ideas Color scheme ideas for the living room

Creating the mood you want

The first thing you need to think about is what atmosphere you want your living room to have. What kind of feel do you want to create with the wall color when people enter it? Does the room already have a theme you need to fit in with or are there already furnishings or furniture that needs to be considered? If you want a calm place you can relax in lean towards natural colors that come in light shades like creams, softer whites, earthy tones and greens. If you want to create a room that lifts the spirit and has a cheerful and bright feel to it think about flowers you might send to a friend to cheer them up and colors that come with it such as yellows, pinks and oranges. If you have more elegant and antique furniture and want to continue with a more classy feeling look at colors like burnt orange, chocolate, eggplant and other warm darker colors. A room that has a cooler and modern feel might be in black and white, or cool blues.

When you know what atmosphere you want to create you also need to consider how colors and the color palette work. Some colors are considered cool and some are warm and you should not mix them. If you have decided you want a cheerful, or cozy living room you should look at warm colors. If you want something more peaceful yet impersonal you will want to look at cool colors. Warm colors include gold, browns, creams, golden yellows, oranges, many greens and some reds. Cool colors would include blues, purples, white, black and greys.

living room with beach house theme Living room with beach house theme

How you contrast colors can also have an impact on the intensity of the mood you are trying to set. When colors that contrast are used close together it creates a brighter feeling when you enter but too much can over saturate the living room. You could also look at combining similar shades of color to make the room more interesting. Finally while it is true that brighter colors will create a more uplifting atmosphere this impact can only last for so long before it fades as you are guests become used to it. Dark colors will affect the mood of the people in it for longer if your room is large enough to use them.


Family room color - cozy Lovely and cozy

Room size

Before you rush out to buy the paint you also need to think about the size of the room. Painting a small living room in a dark color will make it feel even smaller so in most cases that is something people want to avoid. Painting a room in a light color makes it feel bigger though, if you have a large living room do you want to make that feel even bigger or do you want to make it feel cozier. Ceilings are painted white for that reason, it gives a feeling of height and space to a room. Generally paint a small room a light shade and a large room you can go with either option.

big-living-room Spacious living room

Remember with all of that to keep in mind your furniture. Have a balance of color in the room (unless your intention is to have monochromatic look). For example if you have a lot of dark furniture you can balance that with wall color. Let your own style and personality guide you. Do not be afraid of stronger or bolder colors and take someone with you to help with the decision. Make sure you have thought about how the shade will affect the feel of the size of the room and what atmosphere you are setting. There are advisers you can talk to at most paint stores as well as many magazines that may spark some ideas. Then your efforts are sure to be a great success!

Other practicalities about paint

  • • When you have gotten what you want for the walls you need to still get paint for the trims, window frames, doors and other accents.
  • • Think about what paint finish you want, matte or flat works better on walls that have imperfections as it has no shine finish to it. Matte is also best for being resistant to stains if you have young children with dirty hands or a love of using crayon around the house. Gloss gives a shiny finish. Most people use gloss or semi-gloss for the trims and accents mentioned and matte for walls.
  • • Wall paint should be latex or water based. Door or window paint should be acrylic.
  • • A gallon of paint will cover roughly 400 square feet but some colors may need more than one coat.

Advice for when the painting is done

Once you have everything painted the colors you love it is time to think about offer factors that will make your living room look perfect. First of all avoid re-cluttering the space. Now that you have it cleared out take this opportunity to sort through your knickknacks, ornaments and photos. You do not need to cram everything into the living room, use them sparingly to add interest and charm. Think about re-arranging the furniture so that it makes the room feel more welcome or open. If you did not have enough seating before this is a chance to add some, and arrange that seating so that guests can face each other and converse. If the room is small you can consider moving the TV so that is mounted on the wall giving you more space to work with.

coastal-color-scheme Coastal color scheme

Consider the floor and how it works with the paint color you chose. You could choose to use a rug that compliments or contrasts with that color. Make sure that there is space to walk through and that people are not going to be banging themselves on furniture to get in and out of the room. If you have the budget to buy new decorative items use some magazines to get ideas on what would look good with your color scheme. Things like vases, picture frames, clocks, glass ware, or candle sticks might work. You can find such things for lower prices at flea markets or yard sales. Bring color down to your furniture by adding cushions.

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