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15+ DIY Storage Shelving Ideas

You may be like a number of people right now, having several DIY projects that need doing but being uncertain how to go about them, or even if you can. If one of those projects is building your own shelving you can shake off that beginner’s uncertainty and read the following advice, and you will have your own shelving built by yourself in no time. Shelving is actually one of the easier DIY projects to take on and is also one of the cheapest. No more dreaming of screwing together two pieces of wood to create something practical for your home, now it is time to learn how to really do it!

First of all you need to plan which involves making some decisions about what it is you need from the shelving. Is it going to hold heavy items, is it for storage so needs to be strong? Or is it going to be part of a display for photos and knickknacks? Will it be holding the weight of books? Is it going to be somewhere prominent? Do you want it to have its own decorative style or to be simpler in design? Will you want to add extensions to it at some point? Is it to go somewhere that will take standard sized shelving or is it for a niche that needs more specific measurements?

Do you know what material you want the shelving to be made from? The most common choice of material for most people is laminate or wood but there are other options like glass for example. Glass is easy to use as you can order it in the size you need and then just add brackets on each end to hold it up and you have an elegant looking shelf. Once you have started answering these questions and have a clearer idea of what you want you can move on to the next stage.

If part of the reason you have not tackled this project yet is because you are unsure about cutting your own lumber that is an easy thing to get around. Go to the lumber yard near you and tell them what sizes you are looking for, have something sketched to show them, and they can help you decide on what wood to use, how much you need and can then cut the pieces for you. They can also help you with what hardware you need. As with every skill you need to try it and practice it. Get some spare wood and practice putting four pieces of wood together to create a shelving cube. Keep building until you have worked out any kinks and you are confident of your skills. Now you are ready for the real thing and after this project is done you can take on the next one!

shelving-scandinavian-style White shelves – Scandinavian style

Ideas for building your own shelving

Hanging wall rack

There are a few ways you can improve storage in your laundry room. A hanging wall rack is mounted on the walls so it does not use up further floor space. Once your work clothes are done put them on their hanger and hang them on the rack until you are ready to iron and put them away. It gives you an additional storage space for your washing and keeps your laundry room less cluttered. It also makes finding a particular item of clothing a lot easier when you need it and it will make the ironing process a lot easier than if you had chucked them in a laundry bin.

wall-rack Simple wall rack

Shelf extender

If you have wire shelving already installed and you need more storage space still you can build wire shelving extensions. You can use a simple wire extender to add up to another twenty four inches of storage space and you do not have to actually put in another wire shelf unless you want to. The extension just hooks onto an existing shelf and so is very easy to install, no tools necessary!

shelf-extender Locking shelf extender

Retractable drying rack

Another great thing to build in your laundry room is a retractable drying rack. This is ideal if you have items that cannot be put in a dryer, and have nowhere outside to hang them or the weather is wet, this gives a place to hang wet clothes to dry in the home. That means no more clothes draped over the back of chairs or hanging in random places or over radiators. Your home can be clutter free. These racks are easy to put up on a wall and then when you do not need them they fold in so they do not take up space and get in your way.

retractable-drying-rack Drying rack

Cube shelving units

Cube shelving units are mounted on a wall and are a very effective way to create more storage and display areas. They are both functional and attractive to look at and can be used in offices, bedrooms or anywhere you might want them! Have a cube storage unit in your living room to beautifully display your important items like pictures, memorabilia, collections and so on.

cube-shelving Modern shelving

Elegant glass shelving

Glass shelves do not just have to be for a bathroom, though they do look good there too. They can make a room look elegant and draw the eye to whatever they are holding as they seem to be floating in mid air! The only problem with this material is it cannot take a lot of weighty objects so do not use it if you need to store or display heavy items. Have some attractive jars on display on the kitchen on some glass shelves or pictures of loves ones in the front room. A big benefit of glass shelving is that it gives you more display area without cramping the room and making it feel smaller.

glass-shelving-bathroom Glass shelving add class to a bathroom

Chrome Wire for strength and durability

This option is suitable for various locations in the home, for retail display, or for an office. It is popular because it creates shelving that will last and is strong so can handle a lot of weight. It looks modern in style and is a great option to organize an area. There are a large number of accessories and fittings you can choose to use with it so you can easily personalize the shelving to create something that is unique to you.

chrome-wire-shelf Tiered chrome wire shelving rack

Another bonus to chrome wire shelving is that it is very easy to put together and may not even need any bolts or nuts to keep it together. If you choose this material you will also get feet and stable adjustments with it to make sure it is all correctly levelled. Also this is not the type of shelving that once up has to stay where you put it. You can move it around if you want to and it will not leave behind any damage to the walls that need fixing.

rustic-wood-shelf Rustic wood shelf cube-shelves Innovative cube shelves hook-shelves Entryway shelf with hook
wire-basket-shelves Wire basket shelves cute-shelves Cute shelving idea honeycomb Honeycomb shelves for books
non-standard-space-shelves shelves for awkward spaces nursery-organization Perfect for nursery tree-branch-shelves Shelves made using tree branch