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With the price of homes going up every year, floor space and maximizing its use is as important as ever. People do not stagnate, needs change, families grow. Knowing how to optimize your floor space to suit with your ever changing needs is key to getting the most out of the money you invested. There are several techniques you can use that are particularly applicable for small living spaces but can also be used in larger ones and do not underestimate how helpful technology can be now too. Here are some top tips on optimizing your floor space.

Top Tips on Optimizing Your Floor Space

optimized living room space

Tip One

Dual fold doors are a great new design that many people in apartments are taking advantage of. They are a great way to optimize space and are flexible, durable and still energy efficient. You can get various styles and materials to suit the style of the room, such as aluminum or glass.

Tip Two

Convertible beds are another way to optimize your floor space. Beds that have a dual purpose and covert into something else like a sofa bed, or ones that store away effectively can help make sure you can have guests over but still have space to move around during the day. You could have a room that acts as an office or child’s playroom by day and can be turned into a second bedroom by night. There are several forms of convertible beds, folding, wall, sofa, as well as various fun children’s beds. There are even beds that can be converted into tables or desks!

A loft bed is another way to save some space in the bedroom. This is a bed that uses up the space higher up that is usually just dead space, and then frees up the space underneath it to be used for whatever you want, a play area, desk, where your kid keeps their game console, a TV etc. You can get loft beds that have storage underneath as well which is always a bonus in small spaces where storage can be an issue. A loft bed with a desk below is great for a student or teenager still at school.

Other tips for the bedroom include consider having your Queen or King bed raised on a platform around seven inches to give yourself a storage space underneath. Rather than having your bed placed against a wall close to the door, put it so the headboard is on the wall opposite the door which will make the room seem larger.

Tip Three

In small homes or apartments kitchens are often extremely small and any space saving techniques are much needed. Make sure you have drawers installed, full extension ones are best. Also have cabinets put in that allow you to reach in them completely to use all of the space. Make use of corners with corner cabinets or well placed appliances. You could give yourself more counter space by using a corner sink. A Lazy Susan could be stored in one of the corner cabinets which you can pull out and access to give more storage space.

Tip Four

Your living room should be as open as you can make so it feels like a space you and guests are comfortable to relax in. You may want to look at getting rid of the sofa (unless it doubles as a sofa bed) and try some comfortable ottomans or benches for seating. You create more space and these items often have storage inside them too. They would particularly look great in a modern setting.

If you want carpeting in this room try to make sure it is wall to wall to add to the appearance of space and make the room feel warmer. If you want to create a peaceful mood think about the patterns and colors you use on the walls. These can also affect how large a room feels, dark colors will close the space up and light colors make it feel more open. Lighting is key too.

optimized kitchen area

Tip Five

For your bathroom, try to make use of all the space, including up the wall, in corners, under the sink. If possible mount shelving to the wall rather than having it take up floor space. You could do the same with the vanity, sink and even toilet. Mount cupboards on the wall to store medicines, soaps, towels, cosmetics or whatever you need.

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