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Kids tends to have a desire to have everything that fancies them and when their fancy about toys exceeds the storage capacity of your home it might be just right to have a proper storage for them. Every home has this problem of making room for the plastic stuffs that your kid so lovingly spend their time with.

If that is the situation then here are some ideas that will solve the problem of neatly stocking away the play things that your kid adores.

Toy Storage Ideas

1. Stock them up in buckets

Some toys are meant to be played in the open like in the garden or the courtyard. Keep this kind of toys in a bucket with a hole at the bottom. The bucket will tidy up the space and keep away from the toys being scattered while the hole is to prevent your kid filling it up with water which can be messy. Keeping outside toys separate will not only give you a feeling of being organized but will also keep your place neat and clean as toys that are used in the garden can bring in dirt.

Toys in bucket

2. Keep the puzzle pieces together

Pieces of puzzles are not only tough to maintain in a place but cumbersome to work with as well. The tiny pieces seems to have their own legs and they are hard to find when you feel that there is a piece missing. So keeping them together in a compact unused pencil case is an easy option. Pencil cases occupy less space as compared to cardboard boxes that they originally come in and are much more durable too.


3. Hang those cars

If you have a kid who is crazy about small metallic cars then you might just have the most brilliant solution on storing them. Have a magnetic strip attached to a storage space where you can have a nice display of different cars and at the same time make ideal storage option for the obsession that your little one has.


4. Tires for outdoor storage

Some outdoor stuff that is bulky can always be stored in a corner of your house. Try doing this with a nicely stacked lot of used tires. Throw in those outdoor playthings like balls and other bulky toys. Consider having a coat of paint or designs with different color to give a style appeal.


5. Keep the small things in one jar

You might have lots of empty jars which make you think of a way to put it in use. Here is a wise answer to it. You can keep all the small toys like those small plastic deer, lions, dinosaurs or dominoes in a jar that can hold all. To make it more portable you can tie a fancy ribbon around the neck of the jar with a loop so that it can function as a place to hold when your little one carries around.


6. Hanging basket to keep the toys dry

Kids love those small yellow ducklings with their bath. It may be something other to play around when enjoying splashes of water. Keep a hanging basket in your bathroom so that those toys that are wet can find a place to dry and be stored.


Kids will love having all sorts of toys and if you cannot find enough space to stock them up you might want to sort out the ones that they avoid playing with. Keep those in a box separately marked and labeled. After few months if your kids still do not want their companies consider donating them to a charity or earn some money selling them.

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