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Space utilization in your garage means an organized layout where things are easily accessible and space saving. If you are planning to organize your garage then this article will provide you the right ideas on how to do it. This will give you the knowledge of saving space that goes wasted in a garage.

Garage Storage & Organization Ideas

Before we start with the ideas let us first be sure of who owns the garage? Is it the wife or the husband? Well, it is not an easy answer as both uses the garage and drives cars. Men are often put into charge of the garage while women are with the kitchen. There are other use of the garage apart from keeping cars if you know the tricks and ideas of how to utilize it.

garage storage ideas Garage storage ideas

Things That Can Be Stored

Usually a garage means a storage space for stuffs that are used for cars like tools and kits. Sometimes you can store cleaning items in the garage since it is not feasible to keep it indoors which the children may fiddle around and cause unwanted situations. Cleaning items are those chemical solutions which need to be out of the main house. This is really of a concern when there are small children in the house which, in such cases, need to make sure these type of solutions are kept away and locked properly.

garage storage racks Storage racks to help keep everything clean & tidy

For such kind of storage you can start looking from a wide range of cabinets available in the market from where you can purchase a good one according to your need.

Keeping all those garden equipment neatly tugged in the garage is another option that you have. Whether it be the shovels or the lawn mowers an ideal garage will have ample space to accommodate all. And the humble bicycle can find the right spot there.

how to organize garage Ideas on how to organize your garage

Don’t worry f you have a small kitchen, you can look inside the garage to store those utensils that are used less frequently. Washing machines even can be kept in a garage.

If you put a washing machine make sure there is proper channel for water outlet so that water is properly drained out to prevent dampness. Toys and other items of children can be organized and kept properly in the garage.

clean garage inspiration Inspiration for a clean and organized garage

If you put a washing machine make sure there is proper channel for water outlet so that water is properly drained out to prevent dampness. Toys and other items of children can be organized and kept properly in the garage.

An area which most of us don’t realize that it can be used for storage is the ceiling. The vast space that remains open as a ceiling can hold lots of things which we use only during a season of a year.

nice clean garage Nice clean garage

Like the seasonal clothes, warm winter clothes are bulky and occupies lots of space which can be neatly kept in the ceiling during summer. You can put those clothes in a storage bin or boxes neatly sealed to prevent dust and keep them up in the vast open space of your ceiling. Those stuffs can be accessed twice a year once when you want to keep it and once when you want to use it. It’s like changing storage with season, keep the non-season clothes and pull down the season clothing. And if you think it is lot of work, it is just one time climb on your ladder in a year.

If your garage ceiling is strong enough and properly shelved then you can always store your outdoor furniture in it. Because during winter you will never want your furniture being showered with snow and mist to weaken it. Snow and rain will definitely wear them out, no matter how sturdy they are. Keeping them inside during winter is a wise decision to make it everlasting.

garage organization ideas modern Garage organization tips

Some Other Use of the Garage

Why not use the empty space of your garage for some nice time with the whole family. Including some minor refurbishment and repair work with the whole family to add fun.

garage organization system Garage organization system

Dads can pass time with their children on a lazy afternoon chatting about new ideas which the kids will enjoy and moms can have their beauty nap of the afternoon. New experiments can be tried in the open space of the garage, but please don’t make any rockets and explosives as a science project. With all this ideas implemented you will have lots of storage space and fun area.

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