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Children’s bedrooms are often short of closet space. With all the clothing, sports equipment and toys kids need to store, it is a wonder that they themselves fit into the room. Kids are usually not very excited about cleaning up their rooms anyway, but lack of space to put things makes it worse. If you child’s room has only one closet rod with one lonely shelf along the top, you should think about purchasing an organizer for the closet.

Organizing Kids Closet

Many organizer set-ups promise to give you double the storage space compared to what you started out with. It sounds like a great bargain and too good to be true at the same time. The better organizers have a space for bookshelves and games, bins for big outsized toys and a laundry bin as well. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place for everything and everything in its place? That last part the organizer cannot do for you – that will have to be kid-powered. But there’s no denying that if you make it easy to put things away, you stand a better chance of getting your kids to do it.

kid-closet-pink0 Pink closet organizer for girls

Children are accumulating new stuff everyday and prior to the closet organizer installation, it could take hours to make room for everything. It would then take more hours to find something later when you need it. Your kids will love having the closet organizer in place and so will you.

Children’s Closet Organizers

Now for the style considerations. Your kids might love to have a brightly colored new closet storage set-up. Storage units with fairy tale or cartoon characters incorporated into the design are very popular as well. You can choose a system that is small and easy-to-assemble, if that’s all you need. Or you can go for a big unit that has hanging sections for folded clothing and belts for example, plus perforated sections to hand shelves from.

Some even feature special areas or sections labeled for each day of the week. This way outfits can be organized all at once for the whole week, right at the beginning. Imagine what a breeze it will be to get ready for school and all the time you will save. Maybe you can even sleep in a bit.

The ideal organizer

Crate-style closet systems are quite popular. They are the ultimate in modular organizing. The pieces are fairly interchangeable and can be moved around easily into different configurations. Use your imagination. Stack together shelving and make little rectangular or square spaces to hold anything and everything. Shoes, boots or skates fit nicely into these spaces and are easy to see and select from, when each item is needed. Imagine never having to face, and dive into, that mountain of clothes, shoes and toys to find something you need in a hurry. It will most certainly be at the very bottom, or maybe even under the bed. You and your little ones will feel so much better and you’ll have much less stress each day with your closet organized.

organizing the closet Closet organization ideas

Imagine how your kids will enjoy being able to easily see all the choices they have and find anything they need at a glance. With a designated place for each and every item, it is much easier to get kids to use the system. Sound like paradise doesn’t it?

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