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There are two main purposes of playroom storage i.e. to offer convenience and functionality but it can enhance the appearance of a room also. In case of furniture for modern kids one can notice that they are not only well decorated but safe as well as lightweight too. As a result it is an ideal option for using in the playroom, and your kids can spend a good time there.

Functional children playroom storage ideas

With little creativity and unique ideas one can design functional as well as multipurpose playroom storage. There are several decorative storage ideas too. Make use of a garden trellis by refinishing it in any design or color. Before you hang it on the wall addition of wooden pegs or drawer pulls can be good too. You can store your dress up clothes here, like hats and purses. For this purpose hanging coat racks can be used too.

playroom storage Organizing toys in children’s playroom

Toy Boxes

A typical toy box is big in size made up of wood, it has hinged lid, and you can place type of toys in it. With the toy box you can add more convenience as you can be doubled as bench seating too although its main purpose is not that.

children playroom storage Boxes for the toys

playroom with storage space Child playroom with storage space

Lockers and Cupboards

Another useful addition in any playroom is of lockers and front opening cupboards. Avoid using wooden box lids that are heavy as it can hurt your little one if dropped and with use of front opening top boxes and lockers this issue can be resolved.

pottery barn toy storage cupboard Toy storage cupboard

Playroom design with proper storage Playroom design

Toy Caddies

Toy caddies are comparatively smaller than toy box and it does not offer too much space for storage. The best part is that you can hide it in places where it is difficult to spot when you are cleaning also your little one can carry them around.

toy caddies Toy caddies

Storage Bins and Buckets

Try to look for plain transparent storage buckets with a wooden frame that can hold them. You can use store bin units for keeping toys but it is ideal for those kids that are interested in arts and crafts. Make use of many colorful storage bins in the unit for bringing character and color to the playroom also a good option for storage and functionality.

storage bins buckets Bins & buckets to keep the playroom neat & tidy

girls playroom storage Girls playroom storage

Some options of Specialist Media Storage

Some specialist forms of storage include book shelves, units for CD storage as well as DVD racks where you can ideally store media stuff. If you want to save space then use columnar rotating book shelves and also enjoy keeping your collection of books.

cd storage Storage for CDs

Hanging shoe holders

Another useful tool for playroom storage includes hanging shoe holders. You can hang these multipurpose holders over the door as well as outside closet doors or any walls and it depends on which style you select. Even these shoe holders can be utilized for storing stuffed toys, small accessories of doll, race cars as well as supplies of arts and crafts.

ikea hanging shoe storage Ikea hanging shoe storage

playroom storage shelves Storage cupboard

Some furniture items are designed in such a way that it can serve the purpose of storage too. The most prominent choice is this regard includes benches which can have ample storage space for toy box and the plus point is that due to cushioned back and seats it is comfy too.

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