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If you are looking for an alternative to the usual synthetic or plastic blinds or curtains made from fabric, and want a new look for your window treatments have a look at bamboo. Whichever windows you want to update, bamboo window treatments make a great choice, they can look classic, cozy, vintage or elegant depending on what you want. They are suitable for any window in any room and are especially a perfect choice for adding ambiance to rooms that have an oriental style or lots of wooden features. Here we look at both bamboo shades and bamboo blinds.

Unique Window Treatment With Bamboos

window-treatment-bamboo-material Window Treatment – Asian Style

Bamboo Shades

There are a number of shades made from bamboo that can be purchased on the market today and prices can vary. If you shop around you can find bamboo window treatments even if you are shopping on a tighter budget. If you have a rustic decor or have earthy colors and tones somewhere then bamboo shades would look lovely. They also look perfect on glass doors or in places that let in a lot of sunlight, enhancing that natural graceful style. Bamboo filters light in an interesting manner and this creates unique patterns that enhance the room. When raised it continues to look elegant as it rests in folds.

shades-made-of-bamboo Shades made of bamboo

When buying bamboo shades you will get to choose from the option of several neutral tones and textures that are more subtle than bold. You can also get bamboo window shades custom made by some manufacturers, which is particularly ideal if you have windows of a more unusual shape or size. While the natural bamboo color is of course brown, some manufacturers do offer other color options such as grey, black, beige, blue, black or gold. If you want the shades to completely block out all light you can get features like lining options.

bamboo-shade-bedroom Bamboo shade for the bedroom

Styles range from artisan to traditional to contemporary so you will assuredly be able to find something in a style that suits the room you are updating. For customers looking for more unique options there are also some styles that have interesting weaving done. Bamboo shades are easy to care for, just wipe with a wet rag or sponge and vacuum when you dust the room. When fitted they fix to the top of the window frame or to your ceiling. Shades come in various sizes, from at least a 16 inch width to a maximum 120 inch width. To cover windows that are larger you can use more shades, or as mentioned you can get them custom made.

Bamboo Blinds

Asian communities consider it lucky to have bamboo blinds in the home. So if you are looking for window blinds consider getting a lucky bamboo window treatment! The added bonus of choosing bamboo as the material you use is that this is a natural product that grows quickly and easily. It is a tough grass that looks like wood, but is more durable. The air is not polluted with its manufacture and it is easy to grow more of it so we are not taking something from the planet. If you are trying to reduce your footprint on the planet and want to go green, choosing bamboo is a good option. You can actually get many things made from bamboo now as well as window blinds.

bamboo-blinds Bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds do not have to be an expensive option, you can get blinds for a very affordable price and they are easy to clean. They stand out from other types of blinds because of the way they filter the light and because they add style and beauty to your home. You can get bamboo blinds stained in a variety of colors so it is easy to find ones that suit your decor. You can choose to have them blend in with the other furnishings or be a bright contrast. They will also last you for years to come. Particularly suitable wall colors that look great with natural looking blinds include rural colors like pastels, dark greens or soft shades of yellow, either paint or wall papered.

bamboo-blinds-living-room Bamboo blinds for the living room

People that may not opt for bamboo will lean towards Venetian or wood weave blinds if you are looking for a close alternative. It is possible to get a free sample also called a prototype from some retailers which is a great option to give you a chance to see how it looks in your room.

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