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Bay windows are attractive to look at and need special treatment that they deserve. They require additional care in designing the right décor for them. Bay windows are constructed in such a way that it gives a look of three joint windows placed with their upright edges at an acute angle. They are beautiful looking when seen from the exterior or the interior of the house.

Bay Window Treatments

As they are placed in in a very peculiar position to each other the bay windows are difficult to be given a treatment from ready-made materials. For this kind of windows the décor should be properly designed based on the window. To start with, a thorough measurement of the window should be taken so that it is easy for you to select materials for it. Accurate measurement are necessary since a little more or little less measurement will spoil the whole décor.

bay window blinds Bay window Roman blinds

There are different treatments which can be done on this type of windows, like installing a matching window covering or in extreme cases modification of the window as a whole.

Putting on the Blinds

If you want a simple and effective kind of treatment for your bay windows then you can try the blinds. Blinds are one of the simplest way of treating bay windows.

blinds blinds

While choosing blinds for the windows make sure it is the right color. Matching colors with your wall paint is not an important factor here. Try the white or mild color ones as they will readily allow passage of light into the room.

Blinds treatment for windows is an option that gives you a sense of privacy too. There are a wide assortment of blinds which are available in the market. You can take your own sweet time to see which one is the kind of design that you want.

Blinds as usual are inexpensive and are easily available in many stores. They can be easily procured both from online stores and regular outlets.

blind ideas for bay windows

Treatment with Curtains

You can try sheers for treatment of bay windows with curtains or draperies. This will be a flexible option for you. When the draperies and curtains are opened to allow light the sheers will still maintain the privacy of the room. Install a double curtain rod for this purpose so that you can drape both the curtain and the sheer at the same time. Normally the sheers are hung on the rod which is just next to the window and the curtains are draped on the rods which is towards the interior of the room. Installing both sheer and the curtain will allow proper control of privacy and light at the same time. The treatment of bay window can be tried by masking and unmasking the peripheral and middle portions.

curtains Bay window curtains

Treatment with Window Glasses

A creative way of treating bay windows is by installing trendy colorful glasses and glass paintings all over the window or on some selected parts of it. The colors and art will bring in an enchanting ambience in the room. It will be a sight to behold when light that seeps in through the colored glasses hits your wall and cause a dramatic effect like a work of art on your bare walls.

colorful glasses for your bay window Colorful glasses for your bay window

Treatment with Shades

Another option is to try the shades. Shades gives you an open feeling where you can truly take pleasure in the large bay window. The kind of feeling a shade provide will be entirely different from other kind of window treatments. They allow diffused light to fill your room.

bay window shades White shades

Roman shades or any kind of light colored shades work best. Many homes where bay windows are installed uses roman shades with assorted colors. You can further gather information about choosing a proper shade.

Using Drapes

If your desire is to give a formidable look for your home then selecting drapes for bay window treatment is just the right option.

drapes Window drapes

Drapes usually provide a strong yet graceful look to your windows. Drapes for bay windows comes in different designs and colors. You can even openly choose from a wide variety of materials and fabrics. The choice is all yours to make.  Treatment with drapes gives a sophisticated look to the house.

Putting the Shutters

Installing shutters for your bay windows can be an exceptional choice. Shutters gives a classic look to your home.  If you want to install shutters then it is important to consider the space that your room has. White or brown color shutters are the most common ones, however make sure that the choice of color and style matched with the already installed decors.

white window shutters White window shutters

Treatment with Shelves

Some bay windows already have shelves which are built into them. They can be utilized for various means. The shelves can hold accessories like crystal wares and other decorative items. Even it can be beautified with a potted flowering plant. If the shelves or seats are large then try placing a matching cushion with the curtains or draperies. You can transform this seat into a stylish relaxing zone to dwell into your favorite book with a cup of coffee. Or spend a romantic evening drenched in moonlight.

shelves for bay windows Shelves around the  bay window

There are other ways of transforming the shelf into an attractive one. You can place colorful candles and a huge bunch of velvety roses for a heart touching romantic evening. This kind of arrangement will use the shelf to its fullest capacity. However, keep those candles away if there are lots of breeze that will blow into those inflammable drapes on the window. Keep the romantic evening safe, don’t make it too hot by burning your curtains.

custom-built-shelves Custom built window shelves

An installation of shelf or a display box will add to the look of the bay window. This treatment is along with the earlier options that we have discussed. Different portions of the bay windows can be draped differently to give a well-designed, organized and tasteful mix of colors. As for instance, the peripheral portions of the bay window can be treated with curtains and an elegant wooden blinds can be installed at the central portion. Or you can try different color combinations of curtains of different sections of the bay window.

Unlike other portions of the house, treatment of bay window requires professional intervention. So, it is always best to consult an interior designer for the best outcome. Be open with what you want with the professional so that he or she can get an idea of what actually you want. Getting those ideas they will transform it into a practical and desirable look of your bay window. Take a good amount of time, because it is your house and you cannot change it too frequently.

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