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Corner windows can be a great source of light in any room and are highly valued by interior decorators because of that extra light and view. However while they may open the room with light and with greater chance at creativity, it is true that they can be hard to find the right window treatments for. So if you are looking for ideas for your corner windows and are not sure what window treatments to look for here is some advice for you.

Window Treatment Ideas For Corner Windows

First of all you need to consider what the interior style is currently and its color and keep in mind that extra light you have to work with. Your window covering or cellular shades should compliment the theme you already have, not clash with it. The design and color of your corner window treatments need to be chosen with your wall color, furniture style and theme in mind, if there is a theme.

magnificent view from this big corner window

Size of the window

How big the corner windows actually are is also an important factor in what you choose. Make sure you measure precisely and check it at least two more times. If you are also doing window replacement work because you want more energy efficient ones, or they just need updating, measurements are vital. But they are also important when choosing window coverings. A window with treatments that are too large or too small would stand out. Window coverings should be a least a little larger than the window itself to ensure they cover what they need to.

A window seating for corner window

People who are not as experienced in interior design sometimes forget that using window treatments you can very successfully make more out of the room’s height too. Rooms with high ceilings should be accentuated, and one way to do this is by using a vertical blind design. Like venetian blinds in terms of how you control the light coming into the room, a vertical blind can let in all the light or completely black it out. If your budget can afford it and you want to create a more homely feeling in the room, opt for wood blind material. It looks better than cellular shades and is worth the cost.

Kitchen corner window

Corner windows in the kitchen can often be found near the kitchen sink allowing more light in as you clean dishes and cook. In a dining room though, a corner window is an opportunity to create a feature in the room. This is the place where you will entertain and feed guests, so a window blind that is itself something decorative to look at is something to consider, something like wood blinds for example. If privacy in the room is an issue use corner window treatments like roller or roman shades. If you need light to be fully blocked out in the room then look at honeycomb blinds or roller blinds.

kitchen corner window for plenty of natural light

One thing to remember is that if the corner is especially wide it may be harder to get window treatments that are pre-made. You will need to have something custom made for that corner window, and there are manufacturers that do custom blinds so shop around. You could also use an interior designer who could solve that problem for you. If you are having problems buying curtains or drapes that fit and want something that covers the whole window, try using materials that hook with the valance.

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