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Home renovation is an exciting time but can also be a time of worry. On one hand you are improving your home, making it more into something you love, but on the other hand these home improvements come with a cost, and in some cases those costs can be quite high. When it comes to your windows a lot of home owners mistakenly think repairing old windows will be cheaper than getting new ones put in. However this is not usually the case if you go about it in the right way. This article will help you in estimating window replacement costs for your home.

Estimating Window Replacement Costs

The first thing you need to do is assess all of your windows and decide whether you are replacing them all, or whether you are replacing just some. Part of that is going to be about budget, and part of that is going to be based on need. As you examine your old windows you may find some have another couple of years in them, or more. As well as just looking at the old windows check their functionality too. Do they open and close well, is their any sign of moisture? You can also do an energy audit, does that particular room need more heating to maintain the temperature you prefer. On a more windy day can you feel any breeze coming in? This will help you work out which windows need immediate replacement and which you can wait on if you do not want to do them all at once. Keep in mind the more windows you have done together though, the better a discount you may be able to get on replacements.

change-windows The cost of replacing windows

Now obviously not all windows are equal in cost, there are different sizes, shapes and types. Each one will be a different cost so be sure to get quotes from several companies on each one you want replaced before you commit to anything. As well as the costs of the windows you will have costs for the installation of each window too. It is both those prices together that give you an idea on estimating window replacement costs. While you may be tempted to do the installation yourself to save money in that area, only take this project on if you know what you are doing. If you have any doubt about your ability, get a professional to do it for you.

Installing one window can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars depending on a few factors. If the window fitter just works for himself and has little overhead like office staff or marketing to pay for he can charge less per window fitting. If you want the exterior trim capped with vinyl (which you should as it makes it look much better) you would be looking at paying a little more, from $80 per window. The average price usually falls between $80 and $120 per window.

Different companies have different relationships with the manufacturers so can get different deals. Double and triple panes costs vary and each extra detail on top of that can add on a cost. Like any other product windows vary in quality which also affects the price range. Higher quality windows while more expensive will last longer though and look better. Usually a window company can expect to pay $120 to $170 per window with an upper price of $200. So far that puts a price per window of $170 to $300. But that is what they can pay for the windows. They then will mark up those prices as they obviously want to make a profit from you. Companies can mark up anywhere from 50% to 200%, this is why you really need to do some research. One home owner might pay $350 for the same window and another might pay $850.

calculate-cost Calculate the cost wisely

After adding those numbers up you can now fully decide whether you can afford to have all the windows replaced or whether it will just be those ones that really need to.

Here is a summary of estimating costs broken down for you:

Number of windows to be replaced

Make your own inspection as outlined above or have someone come and inspect them for you. Mark which need urgent attention and which can wait if costs get too high.

number-of-windows Get the number of windows

Cost of installation

Most companies will give you a quote per window. While you can save money doing this part yourself it is not something to be taken on if you are completely new to it. The last thing you want is rain and wind getting in from incorrect installation.

Types of windows

What function do you need from each window? Do you need air circulation, to see the view, how do you want it to open? Do you need single or double pane? The type of window you need will affect its cost.

type-bay-window Bay window

Who is doing the work?

We have already discussed the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus choosing from a window company. You could save money by hiring a local contractor or odds jobs person, a friend or neighbour. But there are risks you need to weigh up if you go with anyone other than an experienced professional.


As well as types of windows affecting the price, there are also different accessories that can be adjusted per window and this needs to be factored in for an overall estimate.

Window materials

Most commonly windows are made from three materials, fibreglass, vinyl or wood. Fibreglass is the latest material to be offered, wood will cost you more, so currently vinyl tends to be the more popular choice.

single-hung-vinyl-window Vinyl window

Different brands

As with anything you are buying there are different brands and they vary in price. You can opt for a more well known brand like Andersons or Pella but pay more for the trustworthy name, or you can go with something less well known that saves you money. Keep in mind that obviously quality with windows is important, going cheap on a window of poor quality will not save you money in the long term as you will be fixing or replacing them much sooner and your energy bills will be higher.

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